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Why do cats sleep so much?

Is it normal for cats to sleep all the time?

Do cats normally sleep a lot? You might have wondered, and maybe even worried if your cat is all right, if there’s something wrong, when you see her sleeping for hours and hours. But you have nothing to worry about. It’s normal for cats to sleep all the time, and it doesn’t mean your cat is sick. It’s just in their nature. Cats are meant to sleep a lot. Now, why do cats sleep so many hours a day?

How many hours a day does a cat sleep?

The average feline sleeps twelve to sixteen hours a day.

That’s sounds ridiculous for a human who gets by with 7-8 hours of sleep a day. Why do cats sleep 16 hours a day?

Cats just love to sleep. Cats certainly sleep much more than humans. Why do all cats like to sleep so much? It’s not that they’re lazy. It’s probably an evolutionary thing. They gain new energy through sleep, recharging for a new day in the jungle. You need a lot of energy when faced with survival issues such as predators and food shortage, and when you have to hunt for a living and rely on sharp instincts and speed to survive. That’s why cats need to sleep so much.

And felines can nap in places that would’ve been uncomfortable for a human, positions that are inconvenient. Sometimes they sleep curled up or in other strange position. Again, that’s the only way to survive in the jungle. It’s not like they have bed and breakfasts in the forests. Feral and domestic cats make do with any warm spot they can find.

But out spoiled pets prefer a cats bed to sleep in.

That feline ability to fall asleep so easily fascinates me, as a chronic insomniac who’d suffered from inability to sleep since childhood. Although it’s a shame cats sleep so much and miss out on activity, I’d happily trade places with them. Besides, they can always dream fascinating dreams.

The transformation from sleep to wakefulness is easier for cats When cats wake up, they’re usually not as cranky as a human who’d been awakened. They don’t need their three cups of coffee to start the day. They yawn, stretch, and are ready to go. Another evolutionary trait that helped them stay alive in the jungle. You can’t wast time being disoriented when you’re both a hungry predator and a small creature who can fall prey to larger meat-eaters.

Cats have an acute awareness even when sleeping My cats always wake up when I want to force them to swallow a pill or put anti-flea drops on the back of their necks. I had a cat who’d wake up whenever I walked out of the room, and he’d follow me and fall asleep next to me. Another way to survive in the jungle, when you don’t know what kind of creatures may approach you when you sleep, and what their intention is. When deep sleep can be dangerous, a light snooze will do.

Feline sleep is adapted to jungle life in many ways.

Why do cats sleep so much when it rains?

You may have noticed your cat napping a lot in rainy weather. There are reasons why most cats sleep so much when it rains. One is an evolutionary trait, saving their energy for times when prey will be plentiful and not hiding inside their tunnels. Another is the the tapping of the raindrops, a white noise that can put a person to sleep, too.

Why do cats sleep so much in winter? Same reason, perhaps. The cold weather prevents prey from leaving their warm hideouts, and felines need to preserve their energy.

Cats love a closed cats bed that keeps them warm on cold rainy days.

Why do cats sleep so much when they get old?

Cats sleep a lot more when they grow old because they don’t have the energy they used to when they were younger.

Why do cats sleep so much during the day?

Cats hunt at night in the wild, and they need to preserve their energy during the day so they can be the best hunters they can be at night.

Why do cats sleep so much in summer?

The heat exhauses cats, and they need to find a cool place to rest. Resting not only preserves their energy so they can handle the heat. Sleeping also lowers body temperature.

And maybe prey stays deep in tunnels during the hottest hours, and there’s not need to be awake, anyway, because there’s nothing to hunt.

Anyway, I was walking toward the bus stop on my way to work, and then I saw this cute cat sleeping in someone’s yard. Had to snap a video.

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