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Cats and pigeons

Cats have excellent hunting instincts, which is why they chase a shoestring with enthusiasm, and why they play rough sometimes with other cats and even their beloved humans. But these cats live among pigeons without hunting them down.

This could be because they’re used to pigeons, because they pigeons don’t escape when they see them – something that would’ve evoked the feline hunting instincts for sure, or because there are so many pigeons, the cat can’t concentrate on one in particular. The pigeons do fly when the cats start running, but then they’re freaked out by the camera, so they ignore the birds.

However, these two cats didn’t hunt the pigeons. They were surrounded by a bunch of birds, and it didn’t occur to them to attack. They were very polite, as much as cats can be polite, especially feral cats. They usually hunt them ferociously.

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