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How to give your cat a pill

The easiest way to give a cat a pill is to hide it in food. If the vet says it’s OK to crush the pill and put it in food, and most pills are, the trick is to wait until the cat is hungry, then put a layer of tuna on the bottom of the bowl, crush the pill to dust, and sprinkle it on top of the layer, then add another layer of tuna on top.

You can also crush cats candies, your cat’s favorite, and mix it with the crushed pill or medication.

If the cat won’t eat the crushed pill anyway, wrap your feline in a towel, put his head in the crook of your arm, and gently pry his mouth open with a small spoon where you’ll put the pill. You’ll have to title his head backward slightly, and then add water with the spoon. Stay with him a while to make sure he doesn’t throw up and spit.

If your cat turns into a tiger at the prospect of a pill, wait until he sleeps, then grab the back of his neck, raise his head gently, and put the spoon in his mouth. Not too deep. You don’t want to choke him.

If none of the methods above work, and you can’t force your feline to swallow the pill, take him to the vet and tell the doctor you can’t make Fluffy take his pill. They have shots today that break down in the body slowly. The vet gave one to my cat, and it worked it magic day by day. I didn’t have to give my cat a pill at all.

If you feline attacks you ferociously when you try to put him in a cage to go to the vet, get a cage that snaps when he gets inside. If he won’t get in to get the tuna, close the door to the room the cat is in, put the cage in the entrance of the room, and close the door so the cage is trapped between the door and the wall. Then chase the cat until he runs to the cage. This way, you can take your cat to the vet and have him take his pill.

There are mind-reader cats. I had one, and I have another one now. Giving a pill to a mind-reading cat is more difficult. Put the pill and the spoon in your pocket, the cup of water near you. Then force your mind away from your task and think about something else. Think about petting your cat. Imagine your hand sliding along his fur, the silky touch. Don’t think about the pill, and then grab the back of his neck real quick. Works for me. Sometimes.

To make sure your cat doesn’t get out, pick up the cage from underneath, not the handle. You can hold on to the handle as long as you slid one arm under the cage. Cover with a towel, but make sure there’s enough space for air. Darkness calms a cat and sometimes even makes him sleepy.

Discuss the cage with the vet before you put your cat inside. Make sure the cage is strong. Cats can surprise you. They’re a lot like Hoodini. Keep that in mind.

This tunnel bed is the perfect place for cats who like privacy. The darkness calms felines and make them sleepy. Cozy and soft surface in the middle, and several entrances and exists, the feline miniature version of the subway tunnel. To keep Fluffy purring, Click to view.

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