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Funny cat

Like funny cats? What can be better than funny cats? How about this; you walk into your college classroom, and you’re faced with this.

Hello, I’m your profezzor. Today we learn Felinez, the language of cats.

Or maybe you walk into a classroom to see this

You’re late, hooman. Have a zeat. We learn about cats’ history and our plan to rule this miserable planet.

Forget college. Here’s a disturbing situation. You come home and you cat says

“Yes, I’m sure I didn’t touch those funny looking brownies. Why you think so?”

But you don’t believe him, because you know this is what he’s seeing.

If you liked these funny felines, mew them to the world (the one they’re about to dominate). Or purr your heart out in the comments.

The SnugglyCat The Ripple Rug isn’t just a sleeping mat, but also a plaything that keeps your cat from being bored and scratching furniture as a result. Your cat can hide in these tunnels.


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