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How do cats see us

Seeing the world through feline eyes. How do felines see humans? What do cats think of us? What does Mew The Fluff see when he looks at you, his human?

Kittens learn from their mothers which creatures to chase and treat as prey, which animals to ignore, and which to run away from. Humans are large, move around a lot, and make noise. Most cats see people as larger predators, but they’ll trust a human who loves them. It’s like being afraid of lions and tigers, but trusting one wildcat you know, who shows love. A friendly, tamed tiger.

How cats see humans vs dogs – Dogs see us as the alpha creature, the pack leader. Cats don’t live in packs. They’re solitary animals. They won’t take orders from a human, but they do show love and affection in their own way. They think they’re the alpha creatures, not us. This is how cats see us through their eyes. That’s the feline vision of the world.

Cats see humans as large creatures who do weird things like wear clothes that we keep changing all the time, click on the remote control, type in front of the computer. Imagine a huge creature who keeps touching their fingers on a long, black device, who sits in front of a flat panel on which images show up and disappear, and clicks their fingers on some machine, making clicking sounds. A creature who keep putting things over their bodies and changing them every day, although the cats can’t distinguish between the bright colors like yellow or red.

Cats see us disappearing everyday someplace mysterious, and then returning. Cats see humans doing chores around the house like cooking or doing laundry. Cats see us disappearing into the place where the good smells come from, the food smells. They see us taking those thing we like putting on our body and putting them in that big white machine. Then our felines see humans putting these soaked things in those big hot machines we don’t let them near. We do things our cats don’t understand the reasons for. Our world is so much different than theirs.

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