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Where did cats come from

Ever wondered where domestic and feral felines came from, where did cats evolve from? These magical creatures with eyes that pierce the night like two yellow pinpoints of light, little predators that slither softly on padded paws. What kind of place could be their starting point? A fairy tale place, like Catland? Here’s the answer to this question, a bit of feline history.

Cats ancestry Cats have an ancestor in the felis silvestris, a wildcat that used to live in the middle east’s deserts. So cats are originally desert animals who can live in the hot summers and frozen winter nights. They are definitely survivors.

When did cats come from to the US Wherever you are, chances are there are cats around. Cats were brought over long ago to control the rats and mice population. This is how cats got to America by European settlers.

Back when the world was younger, and many people were farmers, cats were needed to protect food supply from being eaten by mice and rats. This is how felines originated from one country to another by settlers. The feline predatory traits were much needed at the time. This is how the connection between humans and cats began and how cats were domesticated and later viewed as pets.

Most of those cats were barn cats

Where did cats come from to Europe Cats were brought to Europe by Greek merchants, so this is where felines come from to Europe, and the brought to the US.

Where did cats come from to Greece The felines were exchanged by ancient Egyptians traders, and some had resided in Greece, bringing their sacred cats with them.

In Israel, cats were brought over by the British to fight rats, which is why there are so many free roaming cats colonies in Israel.

As you can see, cats had traveled all over the world, mostly by ship. They quite the little travelers, these mewing little creatures.

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