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Why do cats hate water

It’s no secret that cats dislike water. Trying to give a bath to a feline can result in your domestic kitty turning into a man-eating tiger. Although big cats such as tigers love cooling in the river, and there are some cats breeds, such as the Turkish Van, who actually enjoy and love water. However, feral cats and most domestic cats hate water. Here are 4 reasons why cats hate water so much, why cats are afraid of water.

Cats have no evolutionary need for water Unlike tigers, who live in hot tropical climates abundant with rivers, cats have originated from desert-like climates, so they didn’t inherit their big relatives instinct of using water to cool off. Cats never needed to like water in order to keep from dying of heatstroke.

Cats want to keep their fur clean Your feline doesn’t know the water you’re planning to bath them with is clean. For all they know, it’s river water, used by other jungle animals to bath. According to feline logic, the nasty water will mess up their precious fur. So if you’re planning on giving Fluffy a bath, you might as well write a will.

Wet fur equals heavy fur Another reason why cats hate water so much is because it makes their fur heavy, weighing them down. Cats’ fur covers their whole body, so it’ll be like wearing wet, heavy clothes that covers you from head to toe. No wonder felines don’t like water. Who would want to be in that situation?

Cats don’t like the sensation of water touching their body Felines don’t like water because they’re very sensitive to touch. For all we know, to them it feels like being splashed with thick, oily liquid.

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