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Cats quiz

Don’t you just love quizzes? There’s nothing better than a cats quiz. You just can’t have enough cats quizzes the same way you can’t be too thin or have too much money. This cats quiz will help you determine if you’re a crazy cats person (like the admin) or not. Are you ready for a fun cats quiz?

  • At the Buckingham palace, you
  • Take a picture of the queen
  • Take a picture of the people taking pictures of the queen
  • Take a picture of yourself taking pictures of the people taking pictures of the queen
  • Take a picture of the orange cat grooming itself outside the palace
  • You sleep
  • Through an earthquake
  • With the hitchhiker you picked up who wants to blow up the Sierra mountain and dig the gold underneath
  • With a teddy bear
  • With a cat curled up on your chest
  • You eat
  • Your heart out
  • Doughnuts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • This computer screen
  • Tuna and sardines, so you can share them with Fluffy.
  • Your first thought when waking up in the morning
  • Where’s the two and a half liter of coffee that I need before I open my eyes?
  • Where’s my beer?
  • Where’s the monster under my bed?
  • Where’s Fluffy?
  • You’re the only survivor of a plane crash in the Amazons, and you wonder
  • How to write SOS on the sand with burning branches when you have no matches
  • Where are the Amazons hot gals/guys
  • Does this mean I’ll miss my favorite TV shows
  • Are there feral cats in the Amazon?
  • And then you’re approached by a huge tiger, and you
  • Scream like a banshee
  • Yawn, turn around, and go back to sleep.
  • See the half full cup: you’ll never grow old and cranky.
  • Dangle a shoestring in front of the large pussycat
  • Lost on an alien planet, you stare at the approaching aliens and think
  • I hope they’re not man-eating creatures with superpowers
  • Should I kick one of them in the butt just to see what will happen?
  • Why do they all look like my mother in law?
  • Are these whiskers?
  • When the meteor will hit earth, you’ll scream
  • Where the hell are the underground bunkers?
  • Where the hell’s the booze?
  • Ain’t running, ain’t scared of no meteor. Gonna show this meteor who’s the MAAAAAN!
  • Fluffy!!!!!

If you answers the first four questions of this cats quiz with number four, you’re a cats lover. If you answered the other half of the cats quiz using the forth option, you’re as crazy as the admin.

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