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Why do cats linger in doorways/window sills

Does your feline linger in doorways or sits on the window sill, not going in or out, as if he can’t make up his mind? Ever wondered why do cats sit and linger in window sills and doorways? Here are 5 reasons for this behavior.

Both predators and prey by evolution, cats have to think about their next move. That’s why felines linger in the doorway. They need a strategy, like soldiers at war. What’s on the other side of the door? What kind of predators lurk outside the room/house?

Your feline might want to show you who’s the boss Cats aren’t pack animals, like dogs. They don’t think humans are the alphas. That’s not how felines see us humans. You keep telling your cat to make up its mind, in or out. So your cat lets you know she’s not having any of it. Yes! That’s why your cat lingers in the doorway or window sill, because you’re not the boss.

Excuse me. I’m the queen of the Sardines Island, and I’m not used to taking orders, especially not from a lowly species, such as hoomans.

Cats linger in doorways to keep their options open Another reason your feline may linger in the doorway or window sill is because they want the safety and warmth of the house, they want to be near you and their favorite sofa and toys, but they also want the outside with all its fascinating grasshoppers and wonderful scents, all the adventures.

The reason your cat lingers in the doorway is the excellent view Maybe they don’t want the door to shut and obscure the landscape, the feral cat walking in the distance, the fly that circles overhead, the turtle in the rustling grass. Once they go in, the show’s over. Like teens who won’t leave the cinema auditorium. It’s not over until the fat cat mews.

Cats linger in doorways to guard their territory Could be the reason why your feline hesitates in the doorway on window sill is so no other cat or creature will get inside his house, his territory. My cats do that to each other, block the other cat’s way, and then there’s a hissing contest. A cat is more likely to linger in the doorway or window sill if there are other cats around who threaten its precious territory.

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