Why do cats like boxes?

Ever wondered why cats likes boxes so much? You bring home a box full of cats toys, and your cat abandons the toys for the box. My Princessa had settled into a cardboard box in my laundry room with her four kittens and had refused to leave. Here are five reasons why cats like to sit in boxes.

This is my house. Stay away, hooman. Or you might lose a finger.

Safety In the wild, cats need a small place to hide, like an empty cave. They must hide from larger predators and from their prey, so it won’t run away. A cardboard box, shoe box, or laundry basket are perrrfect hideouts. They provide security, relief from stress, an excellent place to sleep.

So… the game begins. What we have here is a one-on-one between cat and rodent. Fluffy leaps! Yay! Fluffy goes for the mouse! He goes for it!

Oh, no. Spoiled tuna! He had to lose it at the last second. Booh! Did you see this moron? How can you be so stupid? The mouse wins. Fluffy didn’t score the touchdown!

Really, Fluffy, what happened to you? You used to be better at pawball.

Warmth Cats like sitting in boxes because they insulate them. Outside, feral cats may seek shelter from the wind in abandoned cardboard and shoe boxes. And even inside the house, there may be some breeze from a window that doesn’t shut all the way. Cats always know the warmest place in the house on a cold winter day.

If you hang up wet laundry on this big hot thing, hooman, why not White Socks not hang itself to be as dry and warm as the cold laundry?

Curiosity Cats are curious to see what’s inside the box. Cats are famous for their curiosity.

What’s out there? Who’s in that car? Is there food in the car? What kind?

They’re getting out of the car! Where are they going? Why is the hooman carrying a bag full of clothes? Wait! They’re heading to that place with those big, hot machines.

One day, I’m going to go there and see what the hoomans are doing in there.

Scent Cats have a very sensitive sense of smell. They love new scents. Who can resist the wonderful smell of cardboard or better yet, the lovely aroma of the shoe box? And that clean scent of the laundry basket. Cats love the boxes’ smell, so they love the box.

Texture I had a cat who loved to knead the sides of the cats bed. He’d do that for hours, purring. Cats like the cardboard box’s touch, the sensation of kneading, that touch of cardboard against skin. Prrrrr! That’s why cats like cardboard boxes.

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