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Are cats color blind?

You look at your cat and wonders what it sees, how the world looks through feline eyes. Since there’s nothing more fascinating than felines, you rush to the computer. OK, google, are cats color blind, yes or no?

3 facts about cats’ eyesight: Cats are color blind. Cats are shortsighted. Cats see better than humans in the dark.

Cats are color blind Cats have no evolutionary need for colors. Seeing a large predator heading your way is all it takes. The cat doesn’t have time to admire its romantic colors before it bolts. The cats’ sharp sense of smell and sensitive hearing make up for their muted view.

Because cast are color blind, they may not appreciate the roses’ rich, bright color, but they enjoy the outside in ways we don’t. The enchanting scents and tiny sounds that we can’t hear, and the feline ability to be fascinated by a jumping grasshopper make up what what they’re lacking in color and beauty.

What colors can cats see? Can cats see orange? Some scientists believe cats can see blues and grays, while some think they might see green and maybe even yellow. However, reds and pinks are grayish, faded colors. Cats can’t distinguish between between red and orange.

Cats are short-sighted Felines don’t need to see their prey from a large distance. It’ll run away by then. Cats only pounce when they’re close to their prey anyway.

Cats have night vision Cats have tapetum lucidum layer behind their retina. It reflects light and enables felines to see in the dark. It also makes cats’ eyes shine in the dark, which cats’ lovers like me think is a fairy tale, magical kind of beauty, but children find scary. Night vision is important for nocturnal creatures.

The color cats’ eyes reflect depend on their fur’s color Most cats’ eyes shine a yellowish color, blue-eyed cats’ eyes glow a spooky red. I had a cat just like that, and she looked scary at night. A cute kitten’s innocent blue eyes can pierce the night like two burning red dots.

Since cats are color blind, they see the red glow from a blue-eyed cat as a muted color, not bright like we humans see it. If your orange tabby could see his reflection in the mirror, his feline color blind eyes would turn his lovely bright fur into a much duller shade, maybe grayish muddy.

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