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Do cats watch TV?

What do cats see when they watch TV? Do cats watch television? Do cats like to watch TV?

My Amiga loves sitting on my lap while I watch TV, but that’s just because she likes being on my lap. Cats usually don’t pay attention to images on the screen. Evolution never required cats to notice odorless images without breadth and depth. There was no TV in the wild.

What do cats like to watch on TV?

Cats may pay attention to fast-moving small items on the screen, or they may react to the chirping of birds. That’s when your feline might start watching TV, when the TV speaks to the cat’s hunting instinct. Now that’s something the cat can understand. Of course, it also depends on the cat’s personality.

Cats don’t watch TV the way we do. Cats don’t keep up with the story unfolding on the screen. Cats also don’t see the same color on the TV that we humans see.

The thing is, you can’t catch anything on the flat screen. It doesn’t provide prey.

Do cats think the images on the screen are real?

Not judging from my cats’ behavior. They always run for their lives and leap out the window whenever a stranger arrives at my door, but they never run from the screen full of unknown humans.

My cats hiss at any new feral cat entering their territory, and they’d often start a fight. But they never react to animals on the screen, whether cats or dogs. They don’t even react to mice displayed on the screen, although they love chasing their toy mice around the house.

Why do cats watch TV?

Cats don’t stare at the TV screen with the same intent, endless look they reserve for prey, other cats, or suspicious movement in the grass. In fact, my Amiga doesn’t even look at the screen when she sits on my lap. If a cat stares at the TV, it’s probably because the TV happens to be in her line of vision.

We interrupt this program for a special report. Our reporter have detected unusual motion in the grass, where a small creature of the rodent species was spotted by eyewitnesses. A clue to the life form can be seen in the way the grass blades bend and the tiny pawsteps.

Yes, this could be the answer to the question; are we alone in the yard, or are there other forms of life out there?

Of course, cats don’t understand how electricity works, and moving items on the screen can be frustrating for a cat who chases the movement on the screen and never catches it. Cats get satisfaction from chasing their prey and catching it. They can chase things on the screen, but they can’t catch them. It’s the equivalent of playing basketball with imaginary baskets, where the ball can never fit.

Cats like watching their own version of television; the window. That’s where the images are real, and wonderful action takes place. A grasshopper jumping in the grass is more interesting to a feline than the police chase and the chain accident on the screen. Who cares about the stupid TV when you can catch an insect? It provides better entertainment for a cat than the television screen, not to mention a sense of pride and accomplishment.

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9 thoughts on “Do cats watch TV?

  1. My cats seem to see what’s on the TV. My one cat will put a paw on the TV & try to stop the images. (They’re not allowed on the TV stand or anywhere near the TV but of course you know how that works).

    I had a cat that loved to watch hockey. Loved watching that puck fly around the screen. He could follow the puck better than I could.

    I’m not sure how having TVs in the wild has anything to do with TVs in the home … cats evolve, just like all other animals.

    They may think it’s another kind of window … they sit & watch birds & traffic go by all day, after all.

    My best GF used to have a dog that watched baseball. This dog would lunge at the TV whenever there was a pitch … like it was going to catch the ball.

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    1. Just because the cat isn’t allowed on the TV stand, doesn’t mean the cat won’t be on the TV stand. I know exactly how it works. I sit with one of my cats, Amiga, on my lap and watch TV because my Amiga can stay on my lap for hours on end, and I need something to do during this time, while I pet her and scratch her ears and the back of her neck, so I watch TV. And then my other cat Hazelnut jumps on the TV stand and hide the screen!!!!!

      And when she leaps off, sometimes the TV is tilted sideways, because the stand is on wheels.


  2. Very interesting post about cats and particularly your Amiga. Is that picture of the black cat in the post your Amiga? If so, she is beautiful. I like cats and really most animals. I do know that cats are very territorial according to my brother who has had several cats. Thanks for sharing. God bless you.


    1. Actually, the black cat is Princessa. I’m crazy about all animals, too. They’re a gift to us humans, the best part of this world, what makes life worth living.


  3. I did have a cat that would sit in front of the TV and watch whatever was going on and would do so regularly. Maybe she got that because when the kids were little and I was busy, I’d plop them in their infant seat in front of the Tele. (I know I’m a bad mother) She could have just been “babysitting”. On occasion, she’d try to tap it with her paw. It was actually more like a toy to her. It would have to have interesting images and sounds. Thomas liked the computer screensaver images which he’d follow.


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