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Why do cats hiss

Why does my cat hiss at me?

Cats hiss when they feel threatened, like when you’re taking them to the vet or trying to force your feline to swallow a pill. The reason cats hiss is because they don’t understand the motive behind your actions. As far as they’re concerned, a huge creature grabs them and shoves an unrecognized object into their mouth. This kind of instinct is an evolutionary trait. You don’t survive long in the wild if you’re trusting.

Why do cats hiss at each other?

Cats hiss to scare off another creature they consider a threat. The hissing sound is scary because it sounds like a snake. When a cat is scared, its ears flattens, which further imitates a snake. The cat’s fur may stand on edge, and he might arch his back. This behavior is a scaring techniques that make the cat appear larger. It’s a warning to stay away.

When a cat hisses at another creatures, and the other creature backs off, the cat may not attack. However, a cat who’s backed in a corner may attack. Hissing is a warning not to be taken lightly. Cats are much more likely to attack in situation when they can’t run away, such as at the vet’s office, or if someone goes near their kittens. Mother cat knows she can’t snatch all her kittens and run because she can only carry one kitten in her mouth, and she won’t leave the others when there’s a predator nearby. Cats can be very dangerous in such situations.

When cats hiss, they pull their upper lip back and sometimes spit. The feline face wrinkles as it hisses. A very stressed cat may have saliva drooling down its mouth. Tigers and mountains lions can hiss, too.

What to do when a cat hisses The best thing to do is give her space. If a cat hisses at you, there’s a pretty good chance it’ll scratch you. Cats are quick as lightening, and their nails are sharp like razor blades. They can bite, too.

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7 thoughts on “Why do cats hiss

    1. Cats have different mews, too. I had one who never actually mewed, just gurgled like a human baby. I live on the first floor, ground level, and can hear whatever anyone is saying. And one day I heard a girl telling her boyfriend, “I thought it was a baby!”

      And he’d never purr, either. He’d make funny sounds like a crying baby.

      One of my cats, Princessa, talked to her kittens in a different voice than she talked to anyone else, a baby voice.

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