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What cats bring home

Look what the cat just dragged in. Cats bring home many undesirable things.

What do cats bring home?

Aside from prey, cats also bring non-living objects into the house. My Hazelnut, when she was a kitten, had brought home a pineapple magnet that I’d stuck to my refrigerator’s door, one pink slipper, a small fallen branch which I’d taken from her because I was afraid she’d cut her mouth on its thorns (and got bitten and scratched for taking her toy), and a man’s boxer’s covered in mud that must’ve been very old because it looked really stiff.

Still looking for hidden treasures; a broken child’s spoon, an abandoned shoelace.

Why do cats bring these things home?

They find them entertaining, and they want to bring their new toys home so they can play with them whenever they can.

Or maybe the cat likes the smell of the new thing she’s found, and she wants to keep it around so she can smell it again, like an eraser I had as a child that I used to hold up to my nose during class, enjoying the scent.

Or perhaps the cat brings these things to your house to show you their latest achievement. Look what I’ve found, human.

What cats are more likely to bring home trash?

Let’s draw a profile of a cat who brings trash to the house. A kitten is more likely to do that than a grown cat, because kittens are more energetic and sometimes hyper. They’re fascinated by things the way small children are impressed by trivial things.

An adventurous and curious cat is more likely to bring home trash than a sleepyhead whose goal in life is to nap on the sofa.

A feral cat is probably more likely to bring trash home than a house cat. My Hazelnut had spent the first five weeks of her life on the streets, one of many feral cats that roam the streets where I live. She must’ve looked for food in the trash more than once, she she knew there are treasure just waiting to be discovered in the garbage cans.

Where do cats find the things they bring home?

I’m pretty sure most of that stuff was found in the garbage, and some of it from the yard or other yards in the area. Except I wonder about the magnet and the slipper because they were in pretty good shape.

Cats sometimes get into first floor apartments. That’s how I got my other three cats, Amiga, Princessa, and Chocolate Paws. It’s usually hungry and desperate cats who do that, but I once had a female Persian cat who’d actually found her way into a building across the road and had scratched the door until the people their opened it. There was another Persian cat in that apartment, a male. Except my cat was fixed and unfriendly to other cats and terrified of humans, so I don’t know what on earth had possessed her to do such a thing.

And trash isn’t the only thing cats bring home, not by a long shot! Cats bring home prey, too. There’s a fascinating post on the 7 reasons why cats bring home prey.

What did your cat ever bring home? I’d love to hear.

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