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Why do cats knock things off countertops

Why do cats love knocking items off countertops, shelves, and tables? This kind of feline behavior is annoying to cats’ owners. It’s also kind of funny, the way cats play with things, pawing the object closer and closer to the edge, inch by inch, until they knock it down, and then the sound of the item hitting the floor scares them, and they run off.

So, why do cats deliberately knock stuff off countertops?

Hunting instincts

Even non-living objects appeal to the cat’s hunting instincts. Cats like pawing balls and sending them flying, and then pouncing on them. They prefer a moving target, preferably a live one, but if there’s none at paw, anything moveable will do. I had a cat who used to chase imaginary things, but that doesn’t apply to all cats. Every cat is different as an individual.

Why do cats knock things off countertops?


When your feline knocks something off the table, and you come running, Fluffy understands that’s the way to get the attention of his beloved human. That, or you jump from the sound of the crash, and your cat gets a reaction out of you. That’s why babies cry once they find out their parents rush to their side at the sound of their wails.

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