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Do cats think we’re cats

How can we tell if cats think we’re cats, if the cat can’t tell us what they’re really thinking?

But they can, without words. By understanding the feline behavior, you can tell whether cats think their owners are large cats, or if they realize humans are not like them.

Do cats think we're cats?

Cats mew to people, but not to other cats. However, their kneading and purring and rubbing against their humans can indicate that they treat us like foster mothers. But in the animals’ world, a foster mother doesn’t necessary have to be from the same species.

Cats don’t think we’re other cats because they realize we’re different in so many ways. We speak to them in a human language that is so much different than feline language. We walk on two. We’re slow and large and hairless.

Cats don’t think we’re other cats any more than they think mice and birds are other cats, or that dogs are other cats. Cats knew which species is prey and which to fear, so they must know the difference between the species.

When a human stranger walks into my house, the pizza delivery or the postman, my cats rush to the open shutters and jump down from my first floor, ground-level apartment into the yard and refuse to come back until the stranger’s gone. When another cat gets into the apartment, which happens because there are so many feral cats around, my cats hiss and growl and often swat it. This kind of behavior is indication that cats don’t think we’re cats, because they treat us differently than they treat other cats.

And cats can smell us. Felines have a very sensitive sense of smell that’s typical for predators. Humans don’t smell like cats.

Some of the feral cats around here, the braver and more trusting ones, mew at humans and follow them around in the hope of receiving food. They don’t try this with other cats. You’d say it’s because they’d been given food by humans before, but this may not necessarily be so. There are a few cats feeders in the neighborhood, but not too many, and there is a huge amount of feral cats, so they can’t feed them all. And these are feral cats I’m talking about, not abandoned after been kept as pets, but born and raised on the streets for generations.

From my experience with more than one cat in the household, I can tell cats are much more attached to the human than to each other. I had two cats, and although they had showed some affection to each other every once in a great while, it was me they’d come to on a regular basis asking for cuddles, settling on my lap, and following me around the house. And crying when I go to work.

Then again, it’s not unusual for cats to follow other cats around the house, rub against each other, lick each other, and settle on the sofa next to each other, touching.

So, the verdict is out. I believe cats don’t think we’re cats, but I can’t prove it. What do you think? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Mew your heart out.

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9 thoughts on “Do cats think we’re cats

    1. Maybe she’ll start mewing at every stranger who walks in, letting them know it’s her territory, and then befriend them and jump in their lap.

      The cat I used to have used to run toward me when I came home from work, with the speed of a racing car, and then he’d jump on me, putting his paws on my hip, with his nails out. That hurts, of course. Nails like razor blades.

      I also know a dog that raises his head and closes his eyes when I scratch his ears and pat him. He also grew up with cats.


  1. I agree; while mackerull is feral, I should say was, as I’ve brought him in, his reactions around anyone BUT me
    shows fear of humans, maybe mis trust is a better term. He will sass birds yet talk to me; he plays with tuna and toys in a different way than he does when I wave a catnip stuffed fish in front of him and tuna on the other hand; while he’s been with me since 15 months, has a COMPLETELY different attitude towards me as he does mackerull
    🙂 ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love the name mackerull. Maybe it’s better that he’s scared of humans. He won’t get hurt. There are mean people out there.


      1. My first cat, Mrs. Woman, was feral. She was lovely. Tuxedo Cat, found in a garbage bin by my Uncle, I took her in (actually she picked me) after he passed away.
        The cat I have now, Luna, is a kitten from a feral cat. Her mom was also adopted locally. Apparently she also settled in to her new home quite well, as mine (Luna) did. A happy ‘tail’ all round! We have a wonderful local organization here in Minden Ontario (Canada) called Cat Angels. It’s a group of people who help feral cats.
        Keep up the lovely work with your blog! Nice to meet you! ~ Karen

        Liked by 1 person

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