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What's the bravest thing your pet ever did?

The bravest thing my cat Hazelnut ever did was on the first day I found her, a sick, motherless feral kitten, five weeks old.

She was hiding under the bushes in front of a bank when I found her. I went to pick her up, and she screamed in rage and attacked me. She wasn’t scared. She was angry.

Now put yourself in her shoes. Suddenly a huge creature, and I mean huge, all five feet two inches, back then weighing maybe a hundred and eight pounds. To a kitten, that’s probably the equivalent of a creature over a hundred times your weigh and towering over you like a building. Suddenly such a creature reaches out a huge hand and grabs you, trying to kidnap you.

But Hazelnut seemed to be saying, “How dare you pick me up without my permission? Who do you think you are, bothering me?”

What's the bravest thing your cat ever did?

Amiga, Princessa, and Chocolate Paws had leapt through the window into my first floor, ground-level apartment. I consider it a very courageous thing to do. Imagine walking into an unknown territory that houses an unknown creature much larger than you, without knowing what to expect. Would you walk into a bear’s territory? That’s the bravest thing my three cats have done in their effort to get food.

My cat Milky had run away and had stayed on the streets for fend for herself for two and a half months. That’s the bravest thing my Persian cat Milky had done, and she wasn’t a brave cat at all.

My Amiga had attacked a feral cat that had wandered in from outside. The cats’ feeders call him John The Bully. (John and the word bully rhyme in Hebrew). My Amiga had flown at him with the feline battle cry. You know these furious screams that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on edge? I’ve seen quite a few cats fights, because there are so many feral cats around here, but I’d never seen cats fight so frantically before.

I had clamped my hands next to the fighting cats, but they didn’t care. I ran toward John The Bully to scare him away, and he hissed at me and started toward me, clawing at the air. (The cats feeders don’t call him John The Bully for nothing). I filled a glass with water and threw it at him, and he leapt out the window and ran away. I consider it not the bravest thing my cat Amiga had done, but one of the bravest. She had fought like a tiger.

What’s the bravest thing your pet had ever done? Cat or do or rabbit or parrot. It doesn’t matter. I love pet stories.

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10 thoughts on “What's the bravest thing your pet ever did?

  1. I had a American Bobtail, who adopted us, who demanded to go outside when a great dane came over and chased all the feral cats away. She went outside and stared the great dane down, even when the dog made a couple of charges at her. Eventually, the great dane lost interests and went home.


    1. Whoever blinks first loses…

      That Great Dane knew better than to mess with your Bobtail, seeing the determined look in her eyes, the intensity. Don’t mess with mama. Love it.
      And three of my cats have adopted me, too, instead of me adopting them. This is quite common.


  2. Once my little Pappilon dog, weighing not more than 4 pounds went after a huge pit bull. The pit bull came back at him as I whisked out of his reach, but he did try. The owner of the pit bull took off, afraid the cops would show up with such an aggressive dog out.

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    1. We have aggressive dogs roaming around here all the time, and they don’t just attack other dogs, but humans as well. A German Shepherd came at me without provocation when I was about nine, and my mother had to throw rocks at him. And another dog was chasing people in the park, barking and growling, and following them as they tried to get away, while the owner stood and watched.

      The cops don’t show up, and nothing is done that I know of.
      Don’t get me wrong. I love dogs, and all animals, and most of them are friendly.

      You dog sounds like a tough little guy.

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      1. So, sorry about your experience. Ferguson was not afraid of anything… except my cat. My cat once chased a big dog down the street, but it was only because he was a dog, not that he was vicious.

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    1. It really was a very brave thing to do, because animals know snakes are dangerous, except they don’t know which ones are and which ones aren’t. And cats are usually quick to run away.

      And maybe your cat was protecting you, realizing that you didn’t see the snake, and it was very close to you.

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  3. The bravest thing one of our cats ever did was to come up to us when we returned home to tell us that somebody had broken into our house and was still there. Sadly we didn’t understand what he was saying but we knew to take him seriously afterwards 😉

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    1. Sounds like a smart cat, very communicative.
      And you sounds like you understand a bit of Filenez, the cats language.

      I hope no one got hurt.

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