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Is it unusual for a grown cat to act like a kitten?

It’s not that common for a grown cat to act like a kitten, but then some adult cats act like kittens. It depends on the feline’s personality, just like some people never grow up.

I had a grown cat named Angel who had acted like a kitten. When he was five years old, he’d leapt in the air and clapped his front paws, looking just like a huge kitten. It was funny, especially because he was a huge cat.

He had also reminded me of a kitten because of the fascination he showed with toys, insects, and other moving targets. They way he’d stared at them like they were the eighth wonder of the world, with huge pupils. It was comical.

It’s probably more likely for a hyper cat to act like a kitten. My Angel was very hyper. He’d run through the house and knock things down, and he used to scratch and bite me playfully, the way grown cats do, but kittens do more often.

Angel had calmed down when he’d turned seven and had started sleeping much more and playing much less.

My Hazelnut still sounds a bit like a kitten when she mews.

But none of my grown cats had ever climbed on me, like Hazelnut did when she was five weeks old. They’d never sat on my shoulder or head like she did. It’s also kittens who usually bring home trash, and Hazelnut has pretty much stopped doing it.

Some cats owners wish their older cats won’t act like kittens, because they’re tired of the toilet paper all over the house, the house looking like after a tornado, and being scratched and bitten all the time. Not to mention their kitten climbing on their head and shoulders when they’re in front of the computer surfing through the net or trying to get work done.

However, I kind of miss it.

Do your cats act like kittens?

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15 thoughts on “Is it unusual for a grown cat to act like a kitten?

  1. It strikes me that the kitten behavior seems to happen for a little while each day, and the rest of the time, she’s my perfect little cat. Especially with the quarantine measures keeping away from the office, I find myself in a mock fight about once a day. It’s like something she has to get out of her system, then she’s fine.

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    1. I love it when cats play, never mind the little scratches and bites. I’m typing this with three scratches on my right hand. The human always gets a handful (or a pawful) of swats from those sharp claws in a mock fight.

      And my cats are so happy to have me at home. The quarantine isn’t complete around here. You can go to the supermarket and the grocery store and pharmacy and buying cats food. I hope being at home doesn’t bother you too much. And yes, it does give me a chance to be with my cats. Amiga gets a huge amount of lap time.


  2. it is not a kitten behavior but a normal behavior for felines. I only had free cats when I lived with my grandfather as a child and they were a little wild in nature, never been closed in the house or apartment but free from the courtyard to their habitat, they went away, returned, experimented, generally did not even approach for some caresses, fed with natural foods never with “feed”, croquettes or the like


    1. It’s nice for cats to be outside in nature. They love it. My Angel was locked up in the apartment for months because I was afraid he’ll be hit by a car or run away. He was depressed and had lost interest in things, and eventually he tore the screen on the window with his teeth and escaped, and then returned.

      That’s when I realized he doesn’t run away and knows his way back, plus the road near my building is a quiet one where cars drive slowly, not the highway or anything like that. I let him out then, and he was a happy cat. I didn’t have a choice, either. He was suffering.


    1. My cat Angel stopped being playful at age 7. I missed it, and now I miss him.

      I knew a five years old Golden Retriever who used to jump on me like a pup and chew my hands like a baby, This behavior is cute with both cats and dogs. Would be for other animals, too.

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  3. My sister’s cat Thomas would climb up her and I’d get upset with her for allowing him to, especially so when one day she was changing clothes and I saw all the cat scratches on her body. He also had the habit of lining his dishes with my mothers Beanie Babies as though they were his siblings. It was so cute. Unfortunately, he grew out of that way too soon. My recent RIP Chloe was very kitten like and playful until it was too hard for her to be so and that was one of those things I miss most. She could be a grump, but she never stopped being playful.

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  4. Love that kitten! It is a Scottish fold? I had a cat years ago that would almost go wild if you gave him an olive. He loved them. He would run through the house until he reached the closed door to the shed. He would be traveling so fast that he would make a sharp turn into the bathroom and all four paws would be a foot or two off the floor on the wall. It was really funny. And he would suck on his tail all the time, or, if he got on the bed when we weren’t home he would suck on the chenille bedspread. Not so much fun to get slapped with a soggy tail when he walked by.

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    1. I never had a Scottish fold, but yes, it is a Scottish fold. I’d love to have one, especially after reading what you wrote. Didn’t know cats like olives.

      And I love when cats get all hyper like this, running like crazy and sucking their tails.

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    1. I love Persian cats, too, and black cats are beautiful. Used to have a white blue-eyed Persian with a very expressive face, slightly mixed with Angora called Milky. But they’re sickly. You have to get them from a reputable breeder, and I didn’t know it then.

      I think it’s a good idea to educate people about this, because people buy cats and dogs without knowing anything. I didn’t even know that if you change their food, they throw up, and you need to change it slowly. I thought you can give these house cats sardines, which my other cat Angel wouldn’t touch. Maybe they should teach that in school, not to buy pets from stores and how to take care of them.

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      1. Yes, I think you are right. My cat came from someone’s home and they were just giving the kittens away. I would never buy from a pet store as they are notorious for selling animals from puppy mills. I always wanted a white blue-eyed Persian until I read that they are all deaf. I also at one time wanted a Himalayan cat as I think they are beautiful. But now I really don’t want a pet of any kind as they are so expensive to look after any more. We even have to have a license and tag for cats, not just dogs now. I am on a fixed income, so have to be careful of my pennies. But I enjoy some of the many dogs in my apartment building, so that is a good thing.

        Talking about food, our cat had some very strange likes. He would eat raw yellow beans, tapioca pudding, and kielbasa sausage among other things. Always said he must be Italian. And he loved cheese, too. He would only eat one brand of soft food along with the hard food, and only 2 of the 3 flavors that were then available. That was back in the early 60s, so there wasn’t near the number of brands and flavors available back then.

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      2. Not all white blue-eyed cats are deaf. Mine wasn’t.

        Himalayan cats are lovely, and also because they’re part Siamese, they’re very loving and loyal. I’d get one, but I have four feral cats, and five cats is a bit too much on my income, too. Not to mention it’s difficult to give each and every cat the individual attention they crave if there are that many cats.

        I love petting dogs in the neighborhood. Makes my day.


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