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Why do so many people love cats

Why are cats so popular among humans? There are so many cats videos on youtube. There’s a huge amount of cats sites and blogs all over the internet. There are so many cats lovers out there, and there’s always demand for cats food, stuck on shelves in pets stores and supermarkets. Why do so many people prefer cats?

Here are two reasons that can apply to other animals, and nine more reasons that apply mostly to cats. Why so many people like cats.

Unconditional love Cats love us without questioning. It doesn’t matter if we’re not funny and don’t know how to tell a joke, if our social skills are lousy, if we don’t know how to dance, or if we suffer from social phobias. Cats accept us without judgment.

Velvety fur Petting a cat is soothing, as every cats owner know. The feel of a cat sitting on your lap is warm and soft.

Here are the reasons that are unique to cats, why so many people love felines.

They’re athletic You can’t help but be in awe of your cat’s ability to jump above your head. Such a small animal, but with so much power in its back legs. They can do things we can’t. They’re superior to us. The fearless way they climb trees, and the graceful way they walk. That’s one of the reasons why so many people like cats, just the pleasure of watching them walk.

The focus way they stare I love the way cats stare at silly things like a spider on a wall. Their ability to focus and be fascinated with a grasshopper leaping in the grass. It’s amazing. They’re in awe of this world and all the little things it has to offer. It moves you toward their point of view, that this world is truly a fascinating place.

Their calmness Cats purr contentedly and close their eyes, infecting us with their relaxation. If ever there was an animal who could meditate, it’s a feline. That’s another reason why so many people like cats, because it calm us down to watch them.

Their self respect Most cats take their time before they let you pet them. You have to prove yourself, prove you’re worthy of their love. They don’t let everyone touch them, so if they let you pet them, if they jump on your lap, you’re special. And that’s another reason why so many people like cats, because they tell us we’re special when they accept us and allow us to cuddle them.

Their playfulness Don’t you just love watching a cat run after a piece of paper, a ball, or a toy mouse? The way they leap and run, the way they lie on their side and paw at a toy or a shoelace, tail slapping against the floor.

Cats have unique abilities There’s something magical about cats and their abilities. Some cats know when you’re going to take them to the vet or force a pill down their throat. Some people believe cats can see ghosts or know when someone is going to die.

Cats are observant and sensitive They know your routine. They know when you woke up. My Amiga always whines a few minutes after I wake up. If she did while I was sleeping, I’d wake up because my sleep is so light. All my cats wait in front of the kitchen in the morning, knowing this is where the food comes from. They know when someone is afraid of cats. You can tell by the way cats always go to people who don’t like them. They know what you’re feeling. They sense you. They get you.

They make baby sounds Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference between a crying baby and a gurgling or mewing cat. The reason why so many people love cats is the reason why so many people love babies, an evolutionary trait.

Evolutionary need Farmers have needed cats to fight rats eating their food, and rats had carried flies that had caused deadly diseases through history. Cats were humans’ lifeline, our hope and salvation, what had stood between us and hunger, diseases, and death.

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12 thoughts on “Why do so many people love cats

    1. Sounds like one of these affectionate cats. Very loyal and needing attention. I had a cat like this one, and now I have my Amiga who won’t get off my lap. She practically lives on my lap these days, and would’ve been perfectly fine never getting off. Purring like a car engine when petted, and her whole velvety body vibrates, and licking my face while looking me in the eye with complete and absolute adoration. She generates purrs on an industrial level. She’s just a purrs factory. If I had a dollar for every purr…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We had a cat called Abby like that. She went with my sister but got cancer a couple of years ago. She would sit on my head at night. But, she didn’t purr, she chirped. It was the weirdest thing I’d ever heard. She would chirp as she walked and boy did she get the big butt. We nicknamed her rumba butt.


      2. I used to have a male cat called Angel who never mewed nor purred. He’d gurgle like a human baby when I petted him, and he’d make sounds like a crying baby instead of mewing.

        I live first floor, ground-level, and can hear what people say. Once, a girl and a guy walked by, and the girl told the man, “I thought it was a baby.”

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I don’t think there is anything much more relaxing than a cat sitting on your lap purring. And they have some funny quirks too. When our cat was hungry he would sit in front of the fridge just staring. When he wanted out, he would do the same at the door. No meowing. Nothing. Just that assurance that we must know what he wanted and he wasn’t going to waste time or energy on doing anything he didn’t need to do. It was really funny.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cats do have weird habits and quirks.

      My Amiga walked on my lap on her way to the window, to leap out, and I held her in place and made her sit on my lap, only holding her for a few seconds till she got the hang of it, and then let go. She complained and whined AFTER I let her go, but remained sitting on my lap for a long time. And ever since then she jumps on my lap every day and stays for hours.

      Another time, she wandered into the kitchen, and I didn’t see her, so I walked out of the kitchen and closed the door, trapping her inside. She didn’t make a sound. Half an hour or so later, I walked into the kitchen and saw her, and she whined and complained as she ran out. If she cried before, I’d her let her out. Silly thing. Sometimes I think she just likes to complain.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Another crazy thing our cat did was get into the kitchen sink and drink out of the tap when we turned it on. And if he was outside and wanted in, he would jump up and hang on the screen, again with nothing ‘verbal’.

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