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Cats strange eating habits

Does your cat have strange eating habits? You’re not alone. Yeah, cats do strange things sometimes. Here are some weird cats eating habits and the reasons behind them.

Cats strange eating habits

Playing with food

My Amiga loves to chase grains of dry cats food all over the living room. Her tail twitch in excitement, and she freezes in place and then pounce, slapping the grain and sending it to the farthest corner so she can chase it again. She’s very funny and cute when she does that.

This feline behavior is evolutionary. Cats in the wild had to chase their food. Although this was many decades ago, the habit goes on. Evolution works like a program in a computer, that keeps working long after it’s been installed. Besides, Amiga grew up on the streets. She’s a rescue, a feral cat.

Putting toys in the food bowl

That’s a real strange and funny eating habit I never knew about, until I got my Hazelnut. As a kitten, she loved to place her toy mouse in the food bowl and eat around it.

When cats do that, it’s because they like to pretend they’re eating their prey, just like in the wild.

Talking while eating

Another strange eating habit among felines is mewing and making sounds during mealtime. This, too, is evolutionary. Wildcats had to protect their food from other hungry creatures, and one of the ways to do that is warn other animals to stay away from their food.

Wanting you near during mealtime

There seem to many many weird cats eating habits my new cats have taught me about. My Amiga wants me to stand within touching distance while she eats, the side of her body lightly touching my calf.

Showing affection before eating

Another strange cats eating habit that had startled me. My Princessa rubs against me, standing on two, over and over again right before she goes to the food bowl.

Perhaps this behavior stems from kittenhood, when mother cat would rub against her kittens to show them affection right before feeding them. Or maybe food is associated with love in this cat’s mind.

Not eating

If your cat isn’t eating, it can be an indication of a health problem, or a mental problem. A sick, depressed, or anxious cat won’t show interest in food. A healthy, happy cat will have a normal appetite.

Afraid of food

Sometimes, there’s a problem that causes the cat to stop eating, like teeth problems or ulcers in the mouth. The Persian cat I used to have suffered from kidney problems that had caused mouth ulcers. When I put the bowl food on the floor for her, she ran away from it.

If the cat knows eating causes pain, the cat may be afraid of the food.

Eating a small amount of food for a long time

That may be an indication that your feline suffers from teeth problems, or other problems in the mouth. They try to eat, but it’s difficult. Watch your feline while she eats and see if she chews on one side of her mouth, if food falls out of her mouth while she eats, or if she drools a lot. They do that when they find it difficult and painful to eat.

Eating many small meals

This kind of feline eating habit looks strange to us humans, but it’s perfectly normal for cats. This is simply how they eat.

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10 thoughts on “Cats strange eating habits

    1. My cats are like that, too. And these are feral cats, three of which have grown up on the streets, eating from garbage cans.


  1. Years ago a friend had a Russian blue and that cat would go to the food bowl, take her paw, pick up one piece of Kibble and pull it out onto the floor before eating it. Then she would go back for the next one and so on.

    My cat would come to the table when we were eating and wouldn’t go away until you gave him a taste. It didn’t matter if it was something he liked or didn’t like, he had to be offered that tidbit and then he was happy. Sometimes he would really like it and want more, but otherwise he would just leave or go to his own bowl to eat.


    1. He was imitating you, eating what you’re eating. Sounds like you two had a really strong connection, like he was tuned on to everything you did.


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