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Why do cats change sleeping spots?

Why do cats change their sleeping spots? Do you find your feline sleeping on the sofa one day, the bed the next day, and the sink the third day? Here are reasons why cats keep changing their sleeping spots.

Protection against predators

In the wild, cats had to change the places they slept in so larger predators couldn’t smell their scent and know where they sleep. Then they could attack them when they’re sleeping and are the most vulnerable. This kind of behavior is instinct-born and evolutionary.

A variety

Sleeping in different places in the house is more interesting than sleeping in the same old spot, over and over again. Like tourists who go to a different country every year.


Cats change their sleeping spots according to the weather, too. What’s better than to snuggle in the human’s bed, where the warmth of his body lingers, and under the thick blanket on a cold winter night?

But then, nothing can beat snoozing in the sink or the bathtub in the hot summers.

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4 thoughts on “Why do cats change sleeping spots?

  1. My cute Scottish Fold called Little Heart, sleeps with me in bed. Day in the armchair or in the office chair. Sometimes in the laundry basket, other times on the ironing board. It has access everywhere and sometimes I open the drawer to the chest of drawers to enter there as well.I love her!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cute!

      Would you like to send a picture of Little Heart? Scottish Folds are adorable. Don’t see any around here. Mostly, I see feral cats. They’re cute, too.


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