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How to play with your cat

How should you play with your indoor cat? How much and how often should you play with your cat? Is it OK to play fight with your cat? Do cats like to play? These are questions many new cat owners want to know.

Playing games with your cat or kitten is very important. Doing fun things together helps you bond with your cat, it keeps an indoor cat from being bored, and it provides much needed exercise for your feline.

Cats love to play. Chasing things is a challenge for cats, and they find the hunt exciting. Ever seen a cat in the bushes waiting for birds? Their tail moves playfully and excitedly. They love it.

To answer a common question: how long should I play with my indoor cat? Experts recommend 20 to 60 minutes of playtime daily. According to this article from diamondpet.

Here are several ideas of games you can play with your cat.

How to play with your cat

How to play fight with your cat

Play fighting with your feline isn’t recommended if you don’t want your cat to learn to bite and scratch playfully. But some cats’ owners don’t mind a few mild scratches. I don’t. I always play fight with my cats. Here’s how.

wave your arm in the air in front of your cat, and sure enough, the cat will leap on your hand. My Hazelnut used to pretend to be afraid of my hand, as if it were a snake, and then she’d leap on it with a roar like a tiger.

I also hold my hand close to Amiga‘s mouth when she gets playful, and let her bite me. She doesn’t bite hard, so I don’t mind. Biting and leaping on your arm stimulates the cat’s natural hunting instincts.

Don’t wrestle your cat or hold them down during play. Cats don’t like that.

How to play hide and seek with your cat

You can either run and hide behind the bushes outside, or behind the sofa if you want to keep your cat indoors, and then wait and see if your cat will follow. If she doesn’t, call her.

Or you can hide treats or toys.

How to play with your cat remotely

You can use a Catit treat dispenser ball to let your cat chase while you’re at work. It makes the cat chase its food, just like in nature.

How to play chase with your cat

Throw your cat a small ball, not too small so the cat won’t end up swallowing it or having it stuck in her throat, but small enough for her to swat and send flying, and preferably soft so she can dig her teeth into it.

Always let the cat win, or they’ll end up feeling frustrated. But let them pursue their prey a while because cats love the chase.

Don’t play chase with your cat by chasing it. Cats don’t like being chased, and it scares them.

There are also electronic mice-shaped toys for cats.

How to play with your cat safely

Don’t leave shoestrings where your cat can reach when you’re not around. They may get it wrapped around their necks. The cat I used to have got his neck tangled in a shoestring. Luckily, I was home and took it off. But if it happens when the cat is alone, your feline may not be able to get the shoestring off, and might choke.

This cat tree will provide your feline with a private place that fits the feline’s need for alone time, an excellent place to sleep on velvety fake fur, and climbing exercise. Beautiful cat tree in a variety of colors that will decorate your house. To read excellent customers reviews, see other colors, and watch videos of cats climbing the tree, click here.


3 thoughts on “How to play with your cat

  1. I love to watch cats play. When I had my craft business (home-based) I used to make cat and dog toys and sell them at craft shows and pet stores. There were 2 that were especially popular. One was a furry mouse with long whiskers and a crocheted tail. Even without catnip cats seemed to love them. The other was supposed to be a “spider”. It was a small ball made of fur fabric with strips of leather or vinyl glued to the bottom as legs. There was catnip in those.I have watched cats lay on their back and toss those “spiders” around having a great time. Even old cats played with them. They were simple to make and I think I only charged $1.00 each for them. I sold a lot.


    1. I also love to watch cats play. When my Hazelnut was a kitten, she was hyper. She’d chase the mice shaped toys I bought her like crazy, rolled on her back with the toy in her paws.

      I had another cat, a grownup, who used to hide when he wanted to play with the toy, just like it was prey. Then he’d leap, snatch the toy, stand on two and toss it in the air with his teeth, throwing his head backward. When the toy came down, he’d clap his paws on it.

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