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What it’s like to have a cat

So, what it’s like having a cat? What it’s like to be a cat’s owner?

Having a cat means you take a look at your feline before leaving for work and saying, “I’m gonna miss this furball.”

If meas thinking about your cat at work and wondering where she is and what she’s doing. Coming home to a cat running toward you, and a velvety creature rubbing against your leg, welcoming you home.

It’s taking videos and pictures of your cat chasing its own tail and thinking it’s the most amazing thing on earth. It’s a conversation starter when someone brings up your cat.

It’s spending money on cats’ food, vets visits’, cats toys and beds, and flea drops. It’s working more hours so you can afford it all. Yes, that’s how much it cost to have a cat.

It’s the pleasure you get buying them a toy mouse and imaging them pouncing on it, and then laughing your head off watching them do just that. Or, for someone with less hyper cats, the disappointment when they won’t give the toy a second look.

For me, it’s closing the bedroom door because I’m afraid to let them sleep in my bed because I might turn over on them or kick them in my sleep. It’s having my Amiga throw herself against the door, scratching and mewing.

It’s waking up in the morning, and the first thing you do is feed your cats.

It’s having cats hair on your clothes. It’s having a ripped sofa and the scent of felines in the house.

It’s when being so sick, you have to lean on the wall for support, but you drag yourself out of bed and into the kitchen to feed your cats, even if you’re too sick to eat yourself, and the walls chase each other with a speed that makes you dizzy. Spoken from personal experience.

It’s worrying yourself sick when they don’t eat, or when they show signs of being sick like not showing interest in things. It’s going crazy with grief when they die.

And raising a kitten is such a great experience. At first, I only knew what it was like to have grown cats, until I got my five weeks old Hazelnut, watching her learning to climb and then leap, then watching her jumping higher and higher. The little steps of growing up.

Every place you go, your kitty is always in your heart.

This revolutionary toy moves and purrs like a cat. It lifts its paws and open its eyes. Soft and burshable. Responds to touch like a real cat. It’s the perfect companion to elderly people who can’t care for a real cat. To view this beautiful toy in different colors and watch videos, click here.


8 thoughts on “What it’s like to have a cat

    1. Many people sleep with their pets, but I fear crushing them because I worry too much. Every time I see a dog walking without a leash, I imagine it running into the road and getting killed. Whenever I see a feral cat or dog crossing the road, I hold my breath until they get to the other side. If the cat lingers on the road too much, I scare it and make it run to the sidewalk. One time, I scared a hedgehog.
      I have a problem with general anxiety and see dangers where there aren’t.


    1. Of course cats own me, and they let me know it every hour of every day.

      I call my Amiga to sit on my lap, and she sits there and thinks about it for a looong time, then she leaps on my lap when I’m in a hurry or have something else to do. And that’s just one in a million ways for cats to let you know who’s boss.

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