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Do cats get bored like humans do?

Do cats get bored in apartment? How do I know if my cat is bored? How do I stop my indoor cat from being bored?

Do cats get bored in apartments?

Cats get bored if they can’t do the things they love doing; hiding, chasing, hunting, and climbing. If they can’t see, hear, and smell the outside world with these things that appeal to cats, such as insects and birds, sounds and smells of food and other creatures.

Cats don’t watch TV or surf the internet. They don’t read books or talk on the phone, and they don’t have a job. Neither do they do crossword puzzles. Do cats get bored in apartment? They might.

That depends on the cat’s personality. A hyper cat is much more likely to get bored in an apartment than a calm cat.

Kittens may not get as bored as grown cats, because they turn everything into a toy, and that includes socks or slippers. My Hazelnut used to shove her nose into one of my shoes and drag it from one side of the room to another this way. It was very comical. She used to get crazily hyper rolling around with mice-shaped toys, swatting and chasing them. Kittens find everything interesting, and they’re less likely to get bored.

How do I know if my cat is bored?

A bored cat may become depressed, losing interest in food, play, and life in general. May have a sad look in its eyes.

A bored cat may interact in a repetitive behavior, like pacing and grooming.

A bored cat may overeat.

A bored cat may pull its fur out in frustration.

How do I stop my indoor cat from being bored?

If you have a home with your own yard, you can put up a cat-proof fence and design a cat-friendly garden. However, that’s not possible if you live in an apartment in a building, like me.

So, you’re wondering; how do I keep my indoor cat entertained?

There’s cats music on the internet, that plays sounds that are relaxing to cats.

Get cats toys. There are balls and mice-shaped toys, some of which move and mimic real mice.

Get cats condos and cats trees.

Place a desk or chair in front of a window and pull the curtains aside. Invite birds and squirrels to your yard so your cat can watch them. Or you can invest in a window seat, like a hammock.

Hide cats treats in the house, so your feline will search for them.

Play with your cat a lot, and let her sit on your lap for hours. Provide lots of love and affection.

Get another pet, a dog or a cat. But then you must take your cat’s personality into consideration. Some cats are happy with company, and some are jealous and may turn violent toward the new pet. Of course, the new pet’s personality must be taken into consideration, too.

Spoil your cat with these three adorable toy mice, filled with catnip to drive your cat crazy. Just the right size for our cat to carry them around. Give your cat a catnip high that causes a drive of hyperactivity followed by a mellow period. To learn more, click here.


12 thoughts on “Do cats get bored like humans do?

    1. My cats have each other, but because they hate each other, it’s not helping.

      However, my cats roam the streets at all hours, day or night. They’re from the streets and can’t be kept in an apartment. My Princessa gets hysterical when I close the window for one minute. Anyway, the nearby road is a one-sided road, with few cars that drive slowly.


  1. My cat watches TV. Our TV is in our bedroom and he loves lie in bed and watch TV. He likes hockey, Certain people doing videos.(For some reason he really like Dr. John Campbell.) And those sped up videos of people building things. He does not like those cat videos because they typically are exciting not relaxing and he relaxes in bed. He’ll watch for twenty minutes or so and then go to sleep. If I leave the cat video on he leaves the room and goes somewhere else to sleep.


  2. Thanks. Our rescue cat has needed to adapt, living with us at the office, full time for now, because we were not allowed to drive between home , with very slow broadband, and the office. To WFH, we needed the broadband, had to leave our real house,
    She’s missed her garden and hunting grounds, definitely, missed , maybe, even the flocks of sheep, and herds of cattle… What does she make of a place with board floors, desks, bare walls, nothing that smells right ?
    She’s been very clingy, needs to sit on desks, insists on sleeping with us.
    Next week, we’ll be allowed to go home, use the office just as an office…. We can look forward to this – but she can’t/ Hope she’ll be delighted.


    1. Sheep and cattle, the country. Love it. It’s magical.

      Glad to hear you’re going back next week. You must’ve hated to leave your real house. The city seems dreary after living in the countryside.


  3. My cute cat doesn’t get bored. If I go to water the flowers, they will follow me. Although they live in an apartment, they prefer the terrace or the window from where they watch the cars.


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