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Why do cats smell everything?

Why does my cat like to smell everything? Why is my cats sniffing me? Why do cats sniff each other’s bottoms? Yuck. Why do cats smell feet, your face, and your breath?

Yeah, cats act in a way that can seem strange to humans, but they have their reasons. Here they are.

Why do cats smell everything?

What does it mean when your cat smells everything? Cats don’t see far. When an object is very close to their face, they can’t see it clearly. Besides, Cats can’t see the color of an object, so the only way to get enough information about it is to sniff it.

Cats are curious by nature, and they want to know everything about the object at paw. Is it poisonous or rotten? Is it food? How old is it? What other animals have touched it? They’re like detective searching for clues, for the story an object can tell.

The feline sense of smell is very strong. There are many scents they can pick up on that we can’t, and they learn about the world and their surroundings by sniffing. They can find their way back home or to a favorite place by familiar scents, and they can sniff out dangers. The smell of fire, larger predators like dogs, snakes, etc.

Why does my cat smell my mouth?

Why does your cat smell your breath? They want to find out what you’ve eaten recently. They just love when you have tuna or sardines for dinner, or chicken.

Also, your loving cat is your personal doctor. They want to make sure their human is healthy. Sometimes, cats can sniff out medical condition from your breath. They’re looking out for you, their favorite human.

Why does my cat sniff me?

You cat wants to know where you’ve been where you’ve been, and what other kind of animals have rubbed against you. My cats can smell the dogs and feral cats that I’ve petted while being away, and if other cats had rubbed against me to leave their scents, marking me as their own.

Why do cats smell your eyes?

If your cat smells your eyes, it can be because it wants to groom you or show you affection.

A cat may also like the salty smell of eyes.

So, why do cats sniff each other butts?


I know it sounds and looks disgusting, but felines get their information about the other cat’s nutrition and whether or not they’re in a romantic mood, which means ripe for mating, and whether or not they’re spayed.

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6 thoughts on “Why do cats smell everything?

  1. Much like dogs, cats use scent as a very important sense. Humans use scent, but not nearly to the degree that cats do. It’s essential in their world. One thing that has amazed me is the degree to which cats can detect if a person was not well. I’ve had a cat sit with me for days, when I was recovering from surgery.


    1. My cats sat on my pillow and watched me when I had the flu. He had a parental look in his eyes, as if to say, “I know you’re getting better, and I’m glad of it.”

      You cat must be very loving, sitting with you for days. Must’ve been such a comfort to you, too.


  2. Interesting. I’ve never noticed a cat sniff another’s behind. Dog’s do it obnoxiously, but I’ve never noticed it in cats. Hmmmm, maybe they aren’t as obvious. It is in any case, dog or cat an identity marker.


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