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How do cats show love

How do you know if your cat loves you? How do cats show their love and affection toward humans? Can cats show love? Yes! There are many ways cats show love to their humans. After all, the cats’ ability to give unconditional love is one of the reasons why we love cats so much. Here are 13 ways cats show they love you.

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Following you around

How do cats show love to their owners? By following you anywhere, by choosing the spot next to you on the sofa to nap, but scratching the door and mewing if you go to another room and close the door.

The can cry when you go to work, and chase you out the door, calling you to come back. I had a cat who did this. Chasing me down the street and crying.

I had a cat who’d leave his warm cats bed and run after me whenever I left the room. And he LOVED that bed! Used to knead it endlessly with his eyes closed and purring. But I guess he loved me more.


This is how cats show affection for you, by staring at you, focusing, with a loving look in their eyes, as if you’re the most interesting creature in the world.


Cats lick humans and other cats to show love and affection. This kind of behavior is a leftover trait from kittenhood, when their mother used to licked them clean.

Sitting on your lap

Your cat may sit on your lap because it’s warm, but that’s not the only reason. My Amiga sits on my lap even in summertime, and it’s California-like climate here, which means the heat is unbearable. Yet she still sits on my lap. So it’s not just seeking warmth. It’s how cats show their love for their humans.

Do cats show love by biting?

Sometimes a cat may bite you because it wants to communicate and bond with you, or because it wants to play with you. Cats don’t play with just anyone. If they’re willing to play with you, it’s a compliment!


Closing their eyes when being petted, purring, blinking slowly. This is how cats show their love to humans. Just letting you pet them is a way of showing love. Many cats won’t let just anyone pet them. It has to be someone special.

Shoving their nose

My Amiga shoves her nose into mine often. She jumps on the dresser, and if I get close, she’ll bump her nose into mine. And I used to have a cat who’d shove his nose in my ribs repeatedly.

Tail up

Your cat’s tail rises when she sees you, because she’s happy whenever you’re near.


You cat knead when you pet her to show her love for you. It’s a sign of content, and content is born out of trust and love for you, her favorite human.

Trying to open a closed door to get to you

At night, I close the bedroom door and leave my cats behind. Amiga, who’s my most affectionate cat, often throws herself against the door and mews. I’ve had cats scratching the bathroom door when I took a shower, or just waiting outside until I got out.

Bringing presents

How do cats show their love to their humans? What better way than putting dead rodents in your bed? This is your cat’s way of helping out, making sure you have enough food. The feline way of fixing you breakfast.

Or bringing you a headless bird, putting it on your shoe or right next to you.

Putting their head on your chest

I had a cat named Angel who used to sit on my lap with his head in the cook of my elbow or on my chest. He’d look me right in the eye and gurgle like a human baby.

Running toward you

When you come home from work, your cat runs toward you. Mine do that. My Angel used to bolt toward me with the speed of lightening. They can’t wait to be near you after not seeing you all day.

Don’t leave without checking out these amazing cats balls, small enough to be carried in their mouth and toss in the air, bright colors that will grab your cat’s attention, with a crisp sound that cats love. You know how they love tearing off the pages of your favorite book?


8 thoughts on “How do cats show love

    1. Love the name tuna! The cat I used to have was hyper till he turned seven, and I missed it when he turned into a potato couch.


    2. Not to say that your Tuna is a potato couch! But mine used to have health issues that had slowed him down and weakened his ability to read minds as well.


    1. Glad you liked your present. Maybe not in time for your birthday, but better late than never. Juicy, crispy mouse, a feline feast.

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