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What do cats hate the most?

What scents and plants do cats hate the most? What do cats hate that people do?

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What scents do cats hate the most?

Menthol, mint, and citrus are too strong for sensitive feline nostrils. Lemons and oranges are scents that many humans love, but your cat finds them repellent.

Dirty, smelly litter boxes annoy cats as much as they annoy humans. Your cat wants a clean litter box. Some cats may be repelled by scanted litter, used to mask the litter box’s smell. If you cat doesn’t use the litter box, cleaning it or replacing it with odorless litter might help.

Cats don’t like feeling exposed. Some cats want a closed litter box.

Spicy peppers smell is overwhelming to a cat. So are unions.

Spoiled meat or fish repels cats. This is an evolutionary trait that has kept the feline species alive in the wild. This stench of both irritating to humans and cats alike.

Cats hate the lovely smell of lavender, which they don’t find lovely at all. Too strong.

Strong perfume can be annoying to a cat, and what’s not too strong for us may be too strong for them.

Some cleaning material can annoy a cat’s sensitive nostrils as well. Seems like having a strong sense of smell is a mixed blessing.

What do cats hate that humans do?

Cats hate water, and they hate when their human tries giving them a bath.

Cats hate being taken to the vet. Many cats are claustrophobic, and being in a cage on the way to the vets terrifies them. Also, being touched by a stranger, and held so they can’t run, can be a traumatic experience for a cat. But they’re like small children who hate going to the doctor or the dentist, and we, as parents, must fulfill our duty and take them to the clinic anyway.

Cats hate when humans force a pill down their throat.

Cats hate when humans make noise. The sound of the vacuum cleaner, the radio that sings too loud, the squeak of heavy furniture being moved.

Cats hate when a human runs toward them, or too close to them. They hate sudden sharp movement close to them.

Cats hate being moved to a new apartment/house. They hate having their territory changed.

Other things that cats hate

What other things do cats hate? Let’s see.

A new cat on their territory, or any other animal, like a dog.

Severe thunderstorms, because of the noise.

A stranger in the house. My cats run out the door whenever someone enters the house, and they don’t come back until the stranger’s gone.

Things some cats hate and some don’t

Although some cats are OK with stomach rubbing, and some may enjoy it, some cats will bite and scratch if you attempt to touch their vulnerable belly.

Some cats like brushing, and some cats hate it.

Every cat is different as an individual, and each one has its own preferences.

What does your cat hate that you do? What scents and plants do your cat hate?

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11 thoughts on “What do cats hate the most?

  1. Nice summary. Two notes. I toilet trained my cat. It is a long and laborious process taking many weeks where you have to put up with litter around your toilet but it is SO worth it. I love being entirely free of kitty litter and it is much easier to monitor the cat for health issues. Also I know of cats that like to swim and be in water. This cat, named Momo was swimming in the bathtub with his owner as a tiny kitten. I saw a TV interview where Mr. Yates mother described this. The cat loved swimming because he was exposed to it during that critical period of kitten hood under the age of nine weeks. It sure came in handy when he and his owner were trapped in a flood. However if a cat is not exposed to swimming under the age of nine weeks they won’t ever like it even though cats are generally really good swimmers.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. all my plants are at work because they like to eat them…. I brought a Christmas cactus in the
    house and set it on the table and within SECONDS, tuna had jumped up on the table and was
    eating the leaves !!! I don’t use chemicals to clean, or those scented candles etc, so not sure what
    smells da tabbies don’t like ! 🙂


  3. I like your post er much, Bengal cat, Kato did not like anything that soy in it. I knew when cat food had soy as he refuse to eat. He was close the leopard and had many wild traits. A cat cage he wouldn’t handle, he was happy on his leash. There are some cat breeds that handle water, I have forgotten which. There is leopard use to develop the Bengal cat breed. Kato did get the gene but water fascinate him.


  4. I had a friend with a cat that loved mint/menthol and if anyone had gum or lozenges in their purse the cat would try to get at them. One of my cats loved spicy foods such as kielbasa sausage. And he loved olives, the kind with pimiento in the center. I’m with cats who don’t like the smell of lavender and perfumes. I don’t like them either. 🙂


    1. I had a cat who’d eat nuts off the stairs, where my neighbors would eat them and drop some on the floor. I met a vet assistant who said her cat eats only watermelons.


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