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What do cats like the most?

What do cats love and enjoy the most, and what do cats like to eat? That’s what cats lovers want to know in order to make their cats happier. What do cats like to do for fun?

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What do cats like to eat?

Cats are meat-eater animals. They like fish and meat. Sardines, salmon, tuna, and chicken. High-quality cats food and cats treats are made for the feline taste.


What do cats like the best? I think most of all, cats like to be loved. Being near their favorite human or other creatures they like, other cats of dogs. Sitting on their human’s lap, and being petted and having their ears scratched.

What do cats like to do for fun?

What do cats like to do the most? Cats love playing, chasing running little creatures or moving toys. Cats have an inner hunter that they like to bring out. They love chasing shoestrings and crumbling pieces of papers.

What more do cats like?

Cats like sitting inside cardboard boxes and sleeping in them.

Crumpled pieces of paper to swat and chase around the house.

Dragging toilet paper all over your house.

Something to scratch, like a scratching post.

A hiding place. Cats like to hide.

Climbing, whether a real tree or a cats tree.

Sitting on the windowsill and watching birds flying and insects jumping in the grass outside.

Drinking running fresh water instead of standing water.

Some cats like to be groomed with a brush. Mine would murder me if I try.

Some cats like having their belly rubbed. I had a cat who’d roll on her back and expose her belly. When I rubbed her stomach, she’d purr and knead endlessly. But the cats I have now scratch and bite when I try touching their belly. Every cat is a bit different as an individual.

And what does your cat like? Write in the comments section. Purr your heart out.

Cats love sleeping in places higher than the ground. It makes them feel safe. This elevated pets bed allows air flow to keep your cat cool, low impact areas to pressure points and joints, fleas and mold resistant, and easy to clean. A variety of colors to decorate your house. Click to view.


17 thoughts on “What do cats like the most?

    1. Thank you. I get these photos from pixabay.

      Your cat is lucky to have dogs to play with. I love dogs like crazy, but it’s too difficult for me to take care of a dog. Cats are much more independent. I enjoy petting other people’s dogs. Collies are my favorite. Just petted one yesterday, and it made my day.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I love all animals. They’re all great companion.

        All animals can be pets. I know a woman who has a bat as a pet, a rescue who’d been hit by a car and brought to the vet by my brave niece, who was bitten of course. And the vet’s assistant kept it as a pet. After it was in isolation for ten days to see it wasn’t rabid.


  1. My cat enjoyed balled-up pieces of paper to bat around. She would push them to the kitchen then under the fridge. Then ask for another piece of paper. Every now and then I would slide a yardstick under the fridge, removing many balls of paper.

    She was moody about her belly. Sometimes she like having her belly rubbed. Other times, forget it.


  2. My cat liked to sit in the sink and drink from the tap. You might enjoy this video if you haven’t already seen it. My cat wasn’t quite as funny as this one.

    My dad always kept a can of candy that was wrapped in foil paper. As soon as he took the lid off of it Boots would come running, waiting for him to roll the foil into a ball and throw i to him.


    1. Love the video. Thanks for sending the link.

      What amazing is that she shoves her head under the water. I had a cat who drank from the sink on occasion, but cat usually hate water, and this cat didn’t mind getting her head wet one bit.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Cats love the Princess and the Pea test. Is this bed good enough for me ?

    Our rescue cat is testing the new mattresses we’ve just bought

    Totally ignores the furry cat teepee..bought for her..


    1. One of my cats, Hazelnut, loves tents I make from blankets and pillows. When I make this tent around here when she’s on my bed, she purrs and falls asleep, can stay there for hours.


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