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Why do cats have whiskers?

Ever asked yourself these questions? Why do cats have whiskers on their eyebrows? Why are cats whiskers so long? Why do cats have whiskers above their eyes? And why do cats’ whiskers curl? Cats are amazing and mysterious creatures. Let’s unfold the whiskers mystery.

Where do cats have whiskers?

Cats have whiskers above the mouth and eyes, back legs and near the ears.

Why do cats have whiskers on their face?

Why do cats have whiskers on their cheeks? Cats’ whiskers serve several purposes. The face whiskers let a cat know if the space she tries to squeeze through is too small, so she won’t get stuck. This is why cats’ whiskers are so long on the face.

Feline whiskers are very sensitive, and they let a cat know when there’s a subtle change in the air, that slightest breeze when a prey takes off. You know how you walk fast near a plastic bag, and it rustle or rise above the ground? Everything that moves causes a breeze, and the creatures feline hunt are very small, usually birds, rats, mice, and an occasional rabbit. The breeze they cause is too mild to be noticed. This is where the cat’s whiskers act as sensory devices, like tiny antennas. This is why cats have whiskers on their feet. They’re called carpal whiskers.

Also, cats are near-sighted, and the whiskers help them learn about the food they want to eat, its texture.

Although cats see better than humans in the dark, they still don’t see as during night hunting as well as during the day, and their whiskers help them if they feel like a mice midnight snack.

Why do cats have whiskers above their eyes?

The whiskers above the cat’s eyes help her sense dust so she can close her eyes to protect them.

Why do cats’ whiskers curl?

Some cats breeds have long, curly whiskers.

Also, whiskers can curl with time.

And whiskers can curl because the cat rubs them against furniture once too many.

Why do cats need whiskers to balance?

They don’t. Cats don’t need whiskers for balance. It’s a myth. The balance is in the inner ear.

Facts about cats’ whiskers

Your cat’s whiskers are long and thicker than their hair.

Cat’s whiskers are very important, and they should never be trimmed or cut off. They decorate the feline face and just look lovely on your kitty. Cats wear their whiskers proudly.

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5 thoughts on “Why do cats have whiskers?

  1. Last summer, before covid, we visited an English castle, with huge beds of catnip on flower, In the centre of one sea of purple lay the happiest cat I’ve ever seen,. In cat heaven,he seemed unaware of the many people surrounding him,
    just lay there, until he got up and walked away showing no sign of intoxication.

    Mystery ? How did the castle gardeners get the catnip to grow so well ? My cats head straight for baby plants and seedlings, destroy them in their happy excitement…


    1. If I had a home instead of an apartment with horrible neighbors who make noise at night and cause all kind of trouble, I’d grow catnip and have the most cat friendly garden you’ve ever seen. I suppose in England, there are many homes surrounded by fences instead of buildings.


  2. I knew that, but I didn’t know about the leg whiskers. Since my kitty is gone, I can’t check. But you can imagine how frustrated Chloe was when they put a cone on her head and it extended past her whiskers. She’d try to hide and get stuck. It was soooo sad and funny. She was so cute. . . Aren’t owners cruel? Do they know the meaning of our laugh when we are laughing at or because of them? I wonder.


    1. Cats don’t laugh, and I don’t think they understand what it’s like to laugh. But they do have some kind of understanding, I think, because I used to have a cat who’d whine when laughed at and sometimes walked away. But that depends on the cat.

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