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Cute cat video to watch on youtube

Here’s my Amiga, and she’s restless. She’s jumping and running everywhere, and my house’s a mess. I did clean it up later. I just didn’t have the time to clean or post for a while, running like crazy.

Anyway, I thought you’d enjoy watching this cute cat video. It’s on youtube, by the way.

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11 thoughts on “Cute cat video to watch on youtube

    1. Many people just don’t realize that feral cats are beautiful and can be good pets. This lovely cat is a stray who was born and have grown on the streets, and so were her mother and grandmother and great-great-great-great grandmother, for many generations. But she’s just as beautiful and loving as a any pure bred cat can be.

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  1. I love how cats can turn any situation into a mock fight. More than once, a casual stroll into my kitchen has turned into a life or death mock battle, that usually ends up with my cat licking my fingertips.


    1. I know the feeling… It’s awful.

      After my first cat died, Milky, I was on automatic pilot for a year. It was like having fog around your brain the whole time. I don’t know how else to describe it.

      Time does make it better, though.

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      1. I think I would have been that way if my sister hadn’t died right after, which hit me hardest. It wasn’t fair to lose two of my favorite girls back to back, two month apart and during Covid lockdown when you can’t exert energy to get it out of your system.


      2. I’m sorry to hear that. This is awful.

        I can’t imagine losing my brother or sister.

        However, lockdown here wasn’t really lockdown, because you could still go to the supermarket or pharmacy, and no one really checked where you go when you walk down the street. But the parks and beaches were closed.

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    1. My Hazelnut was completely hyper when she was a kitten. Now my cats mostly sleep but still play sometimes. I love hyper cats and dogs.


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