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Ragdoll cats information

What are the ragdoll cat’s personality traits? Are ragdoll cats smart? Why do ragdoll cats go limp? Do ragdoll cats have health problems? Do ragdoll cats shade lots of hair? Should I buy a ragdoll cat? Is ragdoll cat the right breed for me?

These are the questions humans interested in buying this unique and lovely breed ask themselves. Let’s try to answer these questions here, because buying a cat is a very exciting experience on its own. Here is some information and interesting and fun facts about ragdoll cats and kittens. There are so many ragdoll detail, I hardly know where to start.

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What do ragdoll cats look like?

You may be asking yourselves: how do I know if my cat is a ragdoll?

Well, ragdolls are large felines with luxurious coats and long tails. Their sparkling blue eyes is their best features. Eyes so bright. You can almost say it’s a radioactive kind of blue. Ragdolls with different eye color are not accepted by the breed standards.

The ragdoll’s body is lighter than its face, ears, tail, and legs. Which makes it look like the dark colors are framing the cat, like a light picture in a dark frame. Kinda neat, huh?

Is a ragdoll a good cat?

Ragdoll are playful, which is nice if you’re the kind of person who enjoys watching your cat pounce and swat, like me.

Ragdoll cats are social, something that can’t be said about most cats.

They’re usually trusting, which should mean they don’t go wild when taken to the vet, like my cats. That makes life a whole lot easier, both for the cat’s owner and the cat. No one likes seeing their beloved pet stressed and terrified, and it’s no fun being scratched while trying to give your cat a pill.

Are ragdoll cats worth the money?

Every cat costs money in food, vet’s visits, cats toys and cats beds. When paying for a ragdoll cat, you only pay once, while paying for cat’s food can easily cost much more over time. And you get a friend for life. So yes, I believe ragdoll cats are worth the money.

What is the history of ragdoll cats?

In the 1960’s, Ann Baker, a Persian breeder, had started the first ragdoll cat with Josephine, who was a feral white cat. Ragdoll cats are believed to be a mixture of Burmese, Birman, and Persian.

Whey are ragdoll cats so friendly?

That’s how they were bred! Just like Persian cats are bred to have this flat face we all know and love, this long fur, and huge eyes, and don’t forget the tiny nose.

Do ragdoll cats like to play?

Ragdoll cats not only like to play, but can actually be trained to play hide and seek and fetch, like dogs. This is very entertaining for both cat and human, and strengthen the bond between you and your kitty.

Should ragdoll cats be kept inside?

All cats should be kept indoors because they’re prone to be hit by cars, or they may get lost. However, ragdolls cats especially should be kept indoors. They’re too trusting for their own good, and they may get hurt by mean people.

A fenced-in cat friendly yard is the exception. You can make your yard cat-proof with no sharp object on the ground and no bushes that are poisonous for cats, and then let your ragdoll cat run free in the yard to its heart content.

What kind of personality traits do ragdoll cats have?

Ragdolls are loving! Lap cats. Soft, warm, and fluffy against your body. That’s what I love more than anything in this world. They follow you around anywhere, like dogs. And they like fetching their toys, also a canine trait.

Ragdolls are gentle and calm, which will be easier on your furniture. You won’t have a shredder beyond recognition like the admin writing this post, whose sofa has suffered irreversible damage by three feral cats right off the streets. If I take it to a thrift store, they may not accept it. If I leave it on a street corner, no one will take it.

And you won’t come home and find toilet paper all over your house, the way it was with my hyperactive kitten.

Having a calm cat means you can take it to the vet, or give it a pill, without having to write a will first. Being scratched to death is a pretty awful way to die. My cats always turn into tigers in such circumstances.

Ragdoll get along fine with kids and other pets.

That’s why ragdoll cats are the best cats ever!

Are ragdoll cats smart?

Ragdoll cats are highly intelligent, and you may even be able to teach them simple tricks like to bring the toy back when you throw it.

What’s the best thing about ragdoll cats?

Perhaps the best thing about ragdoll cats is their sociable, affectionate nature, and their devotion to their humans, whome they follow everywhere. Or maybe it’s their beauty.

Are ragdoll cats popular?

All their wonderful traits have made ragdoll cats very popular around the globe. People know a good thing when they see one.

How often do ragdoll cats need grooming?

Having a pretty long fur, ragdoll cats need grooming at least twice a week, but of course more frequent grooming would be nice. You can find a best seller cats and dogs brush here.

Why do ragdolls go limp when picked up?

That’s what ragdoll cats are known for. The reason why ragdolls go limp when picked up is because they’re so relaxed. All cats get a bit limp when you pick them up, because it reminds them of the times when their mother had picked them up by the back of the neck with her teeth, kittenhood memories. But with ragdolls it’s more extreme, maybe because they’re calm cats to begin with. Or maybe because they’re large and therefore heavier cats.

Are ragdoll cats OK on their own? Do ragdoll cats get lonely?

Ragdoll cats are OK on their own, but they prefer company. You can still leave them alone when you go to work, run errands, take a walk, etc. They’re more independent than dogs and can amuse themselves, especially if they have some catnip filled cats toys to play with while you’re gone.

What kind of health problems do ragdolls cats have?

Obesity, urinary problems, polysystic kidney disease, and heart problems are health problems that can occur in ragdolls. Get your ragdoll from a reputable breeder, not a store!

Do ragdoll cats shade a lot?

Ragdoll cats are long-haired, and they shade, but not a lot. They don’t have an undercoat, which is the cause for heavy shading.

Brush your ragdoll to limit shading. They shade in summertime, so if the house or yard are very warm, they may start shading. An air conditioner during the summer can prevent this. Long haired cats like these won’t be bothered by cool air. Not freezing, just a bit cool.

Should I buy a ragdoll cat?

You may be asking yourself, is a ragdoll cat right for me? Well, if you like a playful and affectionate cat, one that isn’t too hyper and doesn’t shade too much, although they do shade some. If you like those piercing blue eyes and long, thick coats, if you don’t want to have to deal with a violent cat whenever you take it to the vet or give it a pill, then yes, it’s the right cat for you.

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13 thoughts on “Ragdoll cats information

  1. We heard all this before and then got two Ragdolls… They’re absolutely gorgeous but not what was expected. One went out and didn’t really want to come back in. The other hates being picked up! Both thoroughly gorgeous cats.


    1. Every cat has a different personality. My Persian cat wasn’t at all what Persians are supposed to be. She was more playful and a wanderer. She’d sleep outside and only come in for meals.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello. My cat, Betty, is long haired. She is half main-coon and half street tabby. She sheds very little but is always washing herself and frequently vomiting up big hairballs! Her eyes are green. The ragdoll cat looks super cute with those wonderful blue eyes. Stay safe and Covid free!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. From the first time I heard about ragdolls (many years ago), I wanted one. But I was never home enough at that time to take proper care of a pet. Now I can’t afford one, so it’s still the dream. But what I read, in a cat magazine I think, really intrigued me. I don’t think I have even seen one other than in pictures, but they are gorgeous.


  4. From the first time I heard about ragdolls (many years ago), I wanted one. But I was never home enough at that time to take proper care of a pet. Now I can’t afford one, so it’s still the dream. But what I read, in a cat magazine I think, really intrigued me. I don’t think I have even seen one other than in pictures, but they are gorgeous.


    1. I have a dream about having cats run in a fenced-in yard instead of living in an apartment. Can’t keep them indoors, as they’re from the streets and won’t have it, and I always worry about cars and other dangers. Maybe I’ll be able to afford a trailer home with a fence around a small yard, though. But it will be tough.


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