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Video of black yellow-eyed cat

Just walking down the street, I saw a beautiful black cat with unique yellow eyes. Definitely worth filming. It was amazing.

I love shooting feral cats’ video clips. Every time I walk down the street, I run into several feral cats, either walking or napping on benches. There are always cute cats, and in the spring and fall, there are many kittens as well, especially in the fall.

There are feral cats in every yard here, more if they’re fed. There are feral cats living in my house, and my brother had adopted a feral cat himself, so did my sister. There are cats in the college campus and in parks and children playgrounds. There are cats in the north, south, east, and west, in large cities and small towns. Feral cats are everywhere.

I like to film them during the day, where the light is good. There’s plenty of sunshine here all year around.

And don’t forget the cats on the beach. Yes, they’re there too.

The cat wasn’t so difficult to film, like some cats who run from the camera, like my Amiga. It was friendly and cooperative. Here’s the video clip.

Your cat will love this paws and purrs modern pet sofa, 31.5 wide, with removable mattress. Cats love sleeping on soft, elevated sofas. And the most amazing thing about it is there are different colors to choose from. Imagine a black cat in an oatmeal colored sofa, or a brown cat in an ash colored one! And what will a blue-eyed cat look like in a teal colored sofa?


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