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Unleashed dogs in Israel

Are there dogs in Israel?

There are many dogs in Israel, and you can see them just about everywhere. The most popular ones are Shih Tzu, Pekinese, and German Shepherds.

You can see people walking their dogs, and you see quite a few unleashed dogs walking unsupervised, especially in small towns.

How do feral cats react to unleashed dogs?

Having dogs, some of them large, walking unsupervised may be a threat to cats, but not as large a one as you might think.

Cats are usually faster than dogs. Also, they can climb trees, something dogs can’t do. They can squeeze through holes in fences that even smaller dogs can’t get through. Cats can also get under cars. That’s part of the reason why they can be taken to the vet only in a cage, because they can bolt and disappear in the blink of an eye. A pet’s tracker is advisable.

And a cat can fight a dog. Although usually smaller, cats are faster and have the advantage of having both sharp teeth and even sharper nails to fight with, while dogs can only bite. A dog’s scratch is no big deal, but a cat’s scratch can easily leave cuts that require stitches.

And don’t forget cats can spit in a dog’s eyes and blind it temporarily.

Most feral cats will get out of a dog’s way, but I’ve seen a feral cat in the streets arching its back and getting ready to fight a dog that was walked on a leash. A large dog, non less. The owner had to chase the cat away.

I’ve seen a woman with a dog at the vet’s office who said a feral cat scratched her dog hard. Having dogs walk unsupervised is mostly a danger to the dogs, who can be hit by cars, and I know two dogs’ owner who’d lost dogs this way. And dogs can fight other dogs, too.

Is Israel dog friendly?

If not enforcing leash laws makes a dog friendly place, then yes, Israel is very dog friendly. But I don’t think letting people endanger their pets is friendly to anyone, including the pets themselves, who can get lost or hit by cars. Dogs need a pet tracker, too.

Unleashed dogs in neighborhoods

I like taking long walks, and during much more than 50% of them, I see at least one unleashed dog walking around. Most of these dogs are sweet and let eager strangers like me pet them, but there are violent dogs running around loose, and some bark and growl at people. I’ve been attacked by a large dog without provocation when I was nine, and my mother had to throw rocks at it to chase it away.

Unleashed dogs in park

Although there’s a sign in most parks saying dogs must be on a leash, the sign gets ignored all too often. Every time I go to a large park and spend a long time in it, I always see more than one dog running around loose, and I’ve seen one who ran after people, barking and growling.

And of course in every large park there are always feral cats, and in the smaller ones as well. I’ve seen a poodle chasing a cat up a tree in one of these parks.

Wild dogs in israel

Although almost all the unsupervised dogs belong to someone. You can see that because they wear collars, and they’re not skinny, plus their fur is brushed, and they’re obviously taken care of, there are also wild dogs in the south, and those can kill a cat if hunting in packs. That if they can catch the cat, that is.

Dogs aren’t by far the greatest danger to feral cats. The greatest danger is cars.

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