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Where does your cat sleep at night

Where does a cat sleep at night?

Cats like sleeping in high places because it gives them a sense of safety. They can watch for dangers from a higher ground and not worry about dogs attacks. They can also watch and enjoy the scene better, and not worry about puddles when it rains.

In winter, cats will look for a warm place to sleep, which is why self-warming cats beds are such a hot deal. They love napping on top of cars, for instance. And they also like closed places to protect them from the wind and give them a sense of privacy. If the opening to the hiding place is small, they don’t have to worry about larger predators barging in.

I once knew a feral cat who lived under a bush, and she spent the nights there.

A house cat will sleep on a sofa, your bed, your dresser, table, or a chair. That’s another advantage of cats’ beds: they can be placed on a sofa, desk, or on top of a laundry machine.

Does your cat sleep with you?

My cats love to snuggle next to my leg when I sleep, or put their noses against my back, purring their velvety head off.

Why does your cat sleep on you?

What does a cat sleeping on you mean? You cat likes the bed because it evelated, because of the owner’s body heat, and because your cat loves you and wants to be near you.

Kittens always cuddle with their mother when they sleep, and being with their human mother may remind them of their kittenhood and their mother.

Why do cats sleep near you?

Sometimes a cat will sleep near its owner but not necessarily on the bed. Sometimes my cats like to sleep on the dresser near my bed, staring at me and blinking slowly.

Cats are solitary creatures. They may need their space, but they still want to be near their favorite human in the whole world, and that’s you, the cat’s parent.

Should your cat sleep with you?

There are pros and cons to sleeping with your cat.


It calms your cat

It strenghtens your bond

It’s fun to sleep with a velvety creature right next to you


Your cat might wake you up

You cat may scratch you, especially if it’s a short tempered one.

Does a cat know when you’re sleeping?

Mine does. Every morning, my Princessa bites the top of my head when I wake up, because she wants her breakfast. She never does it when I sleep, only after I wake up.

Cats can tell by the way a human’s breathing patterns change when their human is asleep or awake. And they may even be able to tell the way the body temperatures drop slightly when we sleep, because they have such a sensitive sense of smell.

What does my cat’s sleeping position mean?

Why does my cat sleep with his bum toward me? So predators wouldn’t grab it from behind, where it can’t see. A cat sleeping with his bum toward you means it trusts you. You’re its protection against predators.

Also, cats raise their bums when you pet them. So putting their bums against you may be asking for cuddles.

And when the cat’s bum touches you anywhere on the body, that’s the feline way of showing affection. Letting any part of their body touch their humans, whether they put their head against your leg or put their paws against you back, or whether they put their bum against your leg or arm, that’s showing affection.

Not being able to talk, at least not in the way we do, cats show love with touch. They’re more demonstrative than most humans.

Cats sleep curled up to keep warm and to keep themselves safe, protecting their stomach and making themselves as small a targer as possible.

Why does my cat sleep on his back?

A cat who sleeps on his back is exposing its vulnerable stomach. Sleeping on the back means the cat is trusting and content.

Can cats hear while sleeping?

Cat can hear while sleeping. This is an evolutionary trait, a survival trait that was necessary in the wild, where larger predators roamed.

Ever noticed your cat’s ears moving in its sleep?

I’ve tried to force antibiotics into my Amiga’s mouth during her sleep, but she always woke up just in time. Their instincts are sharp even when they sleep.

Does my cat decide where to sleep?

Sure. Cats look for the warmest, the safest, the highest place to sleep in. A cool place in winter, a dry place in the rain for a feral cat.

Where should a cat sleep on first night?

A cat may be nevrous on its first night in a new house, with new humans. Some cats would prefer an open bed where they can bolt at the sign of danger, and some would prefer a place where they can hide.

Share in the comments: where does your cat sleep? And add a picture if you can.

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11 thoughts on “Where does your cat sleep at night

  1. I love cats and we adopted Callie on Valentine’s Day in 2020. She’s a tortoiseshell and very high-strung. She’s also very loving and has calmed down since we got her. Thank you for sharing this information about cats.

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      1. Tel Aviv is beautiful, but is boiling hot in summer, and on summer nights, there are hordes of winged cockroaches in the streets. Suffering from cockroach phobia, I’m afraid to walk the streets on summer nights.

        I live in one of the smaller, lesser towns surrounding Tel Aviv, because it’s a very expensive city. But it has lovely beaches and bakeries. There are streets lined with restaurants where people sit outside and eat under umbrellas, and people walk with dogs that I can’t resist to pet, and a huge amount of cute feral cats.

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