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Cute feral cat with huge eyes

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It’s not easy to shoot a video of feral cats, but I was walking back from my brother’s apartment, which is maybe five minutes walk from my building, and there was this cat with extremely expressive eyes, and two cute kittens up on the windowsills, and I had to try.

Unfortunaly, some people consider feral cats pests. I used to feed feral cats as a child in my parents’ yard surrounding their building, and one or two neighbors gave me a real hard time about it, even took the bowl away once.

Would you take a feral cat home if you found one, or have you already? As mentioned before, I have 3, so I couldn’t take this one, too.

Feral cats are… Have an idea how to finish this sentence?

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This heated kitty house can keep feral cats of all sizes warm even in below freezing temperatures, with multiple escape routes to keep them safe from predators and give anxious cats a feeling of security and privacy.

Look what the human just dragged in! Looks like a cozy little nest.


2 thoughts on “Cute feral cat with huge eyes

  1. Feral cats deserve love. I have 4 living in our house. After 2 years, one will come near me, but I can’t touch him. The rest hide upstairs all day and take over the living room when we go to bed.

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