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Why do cats like fresh laundry

Why do cats like to lay on clean laundry? Why do cats love laundry baskets? And why do cats like laying on your clothes?

Is your cat in your landry basket again? Shedding cats hair on your clean clothes? Don’t worry. It just adds color and texture to a shirt. Wear it with pride. Here are 5 reasons why does your cat sleep and sit on your laundry.

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Marking their territory

Cats like to mark your clothes as their own by laying on them and leaving their scent, claiming them as their own. That’s why cats like laying on your clothes.


Your clothes just came out of the dryer on a cold and rainy/snowy day, and Fluffy happily leaps on top of it. Prrr. such bliss. That’s why cats love heated cats beds.


Cats like soft things that remind them of their mother’s velvety fur. Some clothes are softer than others, which makes your feline friend even happier.

Cats like pillows and soft toys, as well.

Your scent

Your cat loves you, and it loves your scent, which your clothes absorb. It also knows these are your clothes, they’re something that belongs to you, and it wants to feel close to you by laying on your bed, your clothes, etc.


A cat can get under the clothes in the laundry basket, or in a pile on your bed, dresser, whatever. Cats like a cave-like place that give them a feeling of privacy and safety. It’s also dark under all these clothes and easy to nap.

Why does my cat like the laundry basket?

Same reasons why cats like boxes.

Why does my cat like to sleep on my dirty laundry?

Because your laundry smells like you. It carries the scent of the beloved human. That’sgood enough reason.

A toasty, soft, and crispy cats bed on a cold winter night is a real treat for your kitty. Let your cat purr its head off by clicking on the button or the image to watch closely and ready excellent customers’ reviews.

Human? I’m cold. Where’s my warm cats bed?


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