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Should domestic cats be allowed outside

Should house cats be let outside? Should you let your cat roam outside?

Many times, domestic cats want to go outside, but should house cats go outside?

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Why should domestic cats be kept indoors?

There are dangers to cats outside. Cats can be hit by cars, stolen, lost, attacked by dogs or coyotes, or fight with other cats. Or they can pick up diseases from other cats, maybe even eat rat poison.

My Amiga got hit by a car years ago. Luckily, she only broke her upper and lower jaws, and the vet operated on her, and now she’s fine.

Sometimes you may have to let a house cat outside

Should house cats be let outdoors? Usually no, but that depends on the circumstances. I had a cat who got depressed because I wouldn’t let him out. He lost interest in everything, including food. I had no choice but to let him out.

I now have three feral cats who get hysterical if I don’t let them out. My Princessa scratches the window like crazy and mews non-stop. Some cats just can’t be kept indoors. Some will get used to it, and some won’t.

Some feral cats can get used to never leaving the house. Every cat has a different personality.

Do cats prefer to live outside or inside?

Most cats prefer to live inside, preferably with the ability to go outside. A cat-proof fenced-in yard is the perfect solution for a cat who wants to enjoy the comfort of home and the excitement and action outside.

Cats like homes because it provides food, water, a dry spot when it rains, shelter from strong winds, warmth on freezing winter days, safety, love, and a soft, comfortable sofa or cats bed to doze on. What more can a cat want?

But then some cats are just no home types. Chocolate Paws, a feral cat, used to show up at my house, eat, and run back outside. There was another cat, a one eyed orange one, who’d show up, eat, and leave. He’d just stay on the sofa if it was raining hard.

But my Amiga and Princessa had shown up for food and stayed. They stay every day, most of the day. They go outside, but they spend most of their time home. They love my sofa.

Can domestic cats sleep outside?

Unless you have a fenced-in yard, and you’re sure your cat can’t get out, it’s not a good idea. Foxes are more active at night, and they’re the same size as cats. Although foxes usually don’t start fights with cats, sometimes they do. And even if not, your cat may attack the fox to defend his territory.

drivers don’t see cats at night. Which is why they need a bright glowing collar to help the drivers see them. But even so, cats are still in danger of being hit by cars outside, especially at night.

What age can cats be let outside?

Every kitten is different. If you have to let your kitten outside unsupervised, wait at least until it’s 3 or 4 months old, and has gotten its vaccinations. Also, the vaccinations need time to become affective.

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Human, will you love me and keep me safe?


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