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What kind of beds do cats like best

what beds do cats prefer? Do cats like open or closed beds? When you want to spoil your cat and enrich its life, you want to know what kind of beds do cats like best, but the answer depends on your cat’s personality.

Cats sleep for long periods of time, and their beds are very important to them. A cat who’s comfortable when sleeping is more likely to have pleasant dreams. Cats love relaxing before sleeping, and they love a cozy environment to doze in. Let you cat be whatever it wants to be in its dreams.

There are several things to take into consideration before you buy a cats’ bed.

  • Cats like soft beds
  • Cats like privacy
  • Cats like to stretch
  • Cats like warm beds in winter
  • Cats like to play
  • Cats like sleeping in higher places
  • Some cats are afraid of closed places

Cats like soft beds because it reminds them of their mother’s fur, and it gives them the opportunity to knead, which sends them purring their heads off.

Cats like privacy because they’re solitary creatures. Of course, cats like to be warm. Mine always go to the cats’ beds in winter.

Most cats beds are soft and have raised edges for privacy. Here’s one that’s also heated for cold winter nights, a warm and cozy haven for your feline to escape to at the end of a long hard working day of chasing mice. Click to view.

Do cats prefer open or closed beds? A cat who suffers from claustrophobia won’t be able to relax in a closed bed. The bed above is perfect for cats who are afraid of closed places. This is a bed they can get out of if the cats- eating monster who lives in the closet manages to get out somehow. The bed can be placed on higher ground like on top of the laundry machine, a desk, or a sofa. Just make sure it’s secure and won’t fall.

For cats who like more privacy and aren’t afraid of closed places, there are closed beds like this waterproof outdoor heated cats bed, where you have a choice of tan or gray. Click to view and learn more.

In this bed, your kitty can have privacy to dream about all the strange places it wants to be in, mysterious places with wonderful smells.

What about stretching? Cats love to stretch. Feral cats often choose benches to lie on so they can stretch and look twice their size.

This long pad will allow your cat to stretch, with insulating fiber that reflects body heat to keep your cat warm. Comes in a variety of colors. Click to view.

A little playtime before bedtime? This cats bed will give your feline a chance to swat the hanging toy until it tires and falls asleep. Click on the image to learn more. 



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