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Feral cats are everywhere

Wherever I go, I find these cute creatures. Here’s a colony. This toy will entice your cat to sway and chase, a much-needed exercise for an indoor cat, and plenty of fun and action. Brings out the hunter in your cat, the inner tiger. To read excellent customers reviews and watch videos of cats playingContinue reading “Feral cats are everywhere”


Can cats tell human babies from grownups

Yes! Cats can tell the difference between human babies and adults. How can you tell? Cats are scared of babies I used to work in a household with a cat who didn’t make too much of a fuss whenever a stranger showed up on the doorstep, but once a woman had brought her toddler, andContinue reading “Can cats tell human babies from grownups”

Why do cats have whiskers?

Ever asked yourself these questions? Why do cats have whiskers? Why are cats whiskers so long? Why do cats have whiskers above their eyes? Cats are amazing and mysterious creatures. Let’s unfold the whiskers mystery. Where do cats have whiskers? Cats have whiskers above the mouth and eyes, back legs and near the ears. WhyContinue reading “Why do cats have whiskers?”

Why are cats scared of cucumbers?

Why are cats scared of cucumbers? Cucumbers look like snakes The reason why cats are scared of cucumbers is because they remind them of snakes. This is an evolutionary fear that has kept the feline species alive in the wild. Cats are creatures of hot climates by origin, and snaked are plentiful in hot climates.Continue reading “Why are cats scared of cucumbers?”