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Do cats get bored like humans do?

Do cats get bored in apartment? How do I know if my cat is bored? How do I stop my indoor cat from being bored? Do cats get bored in apartments? Cats get bored if they can’t do the things they love doing; hiding, chasing, hunting, and climbing. If they can’t see, hear, and smellContinue reading “Do cats get bored like humans do?”


Do cats make friends with other cats

Do cats form friendships with other cats? I’ve seen feral cats hanging together, but it’s rather rare. Mostly, stray cats can be seen roaming the streets on their own. Can cats friend other cats? Sure they can, and sometimes they do, but that depends on the circumstances. Age and gender Do cats make friends withContinue reading “Do cats make friends with other cats”

What does catnip do to cats

What is catnip, and what does catnip actually do to your cat? What is catnip? Catnip is a herb from the mint family. The reason why catnip attracts cats so much is because it releases a chemical called nepetalactone, which has an affect on many cats. Catnip is a silver-green plant with jagged heart-shaped leavesContinue reading “What does catnip do to cats”

How to take your cat outside for the first time

How to introduce your cat to the outdoors, when they’ve never been outside? Sure, it’s easier with a cat who’s used to being outside, even if you move them to a new house. But how to introduce your indoor cat to the outside world? How to introduce your cat to going outside, when he’s scaredContinue reading “How to take your cat outside for the first time”

Do all domestic cats want to go outside?

Why does my indoor cat want to go outside so much? Have you ever asked yourself that? And have you ever wondered: do all domestic cats want to go outside? And why does my cat want to go outside at night? Let’s try to answer these questions. Why does my house cat want to goContinue reading “Do all domestic cats want to go outside?”

Do feral cats get into people’s homes

Feral cats get into people’s houses. Yes. There are things that increase the chances of stray cats getting into your house. The number of stray cats in the area There are huge colonies of feral cats in the Tel-Aviv vicinity where I live, which greatly increases the chances of stray cats getting inside houses. TheContinue reading “Do feral cats get into people’s homes”

Best cats products on Amazon

Here’s a list of what I believe are the best cats products on Amazon. Your feline is your best friend, and as such they deserve only the best. We give our furry friends everything, a bowl full of food, security, warmth in the cold winter, plenty of love, and our favorite chair that they claimContinue reading “Best cats products on Amazon”

How do cats pick a favorite person

How and why do cats pick a favorite person? You know how a cat can pick one family member as their favorite human, follow them around and sit on their lap. Sometimes the cat will want to sit on their favorite human’s lap and no one else’s. How do cats pick their favorite human? WhoeverContinue reading “How do cats pick a favorite person”

Why do cats get scared so easily?

Why do cats get scared so easily? Does it seem like your feline is jumpy, anxious? My cats jump out of their skin when a plastic water bottle pops in my apartment. They bolt for their lives if a stranger walks in the door. Here are a few answers that may explain this behavior. It’sContinue reading “Why do cats get scared so easily?”

What it’s like to have a cat

So, what it’s like having a cat? What it’s like to be a cat’s owner? Having a cat means you take a look at your feline before leaving for work and saying, “I’m gonna miss this furball.” If meas thinking about your cat at work and wondering where she is and what she’s doing. ComingContinue reading “What it’s like to have a cat”