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How far do domestic cats travel

How far do house cats travel? And how far do domestic cats travel at night? Is there a difference between a house cat and an outdoor cat roaming range? This post contains affiliate links, and links to other posts. Domestic cat’s roaming range Domestic cat’s range differs from one cat to another. House cats usuallyContinue reading “How far do domestic cats travel”

Six reasons why mama cats move their kittens

Sometimes you see feral kittens in different locations. Especially you see this in a place where there are many feral cats, like where I live, and especially during kitten season, which around here is in fall and spring, fall especially. But then it may be different in other climates. Here are six reasons why someContinue reading “Six reasons why mama cats move their kittens”

What do dogs dream about?

This post contains affiliate links, as well as links to other posts. Do dogs really have dreams? If you ever watched your dog whine or twitch in its sleep, you know canines dream. Why do dogs dream a lot? Like humans, dog often dream about things that have happened during the day. Being emotional creatures,Continue reading “What do dogs dream about?”

Unleashed dogs in Israel

Are there dogs in Israel? There are many dogs in Israel, and you can see them just about everywhere. The most popular ones are Shih Tzu, Pekinese, and German Shepherds. You can see people walking their dogs, and you see quite a few unleashed dogs walking unsupervised, especially in small towns. How do feral catsContinue reading “Unleashed dogs in Israel”