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How to play with your cat

How should you play with your indoor cat? How much and how often should you play with your cat? Is it OK to play fight with your cat? Do cats like to play? These are questions many new cat owners want to know. Playing games with your cat or kitten is very important. Doing funContinue reading “How to play with your cat”


Why dogs and cats don’t get along

Why don’t cats and dogs like each other? Why don’t cats and dogs get along? Here are some answers to these questions. Dogs come off as aggressive Dogs come right up to a new creature and sniff them. Cats find this unnerving. Dogs make eye contact with the new creature, something felines find threatening. AContinue reading “Why dogs and cats don’t get along”

Why do cats change sleeping spots?

Why do cats change their sleeping spots? Do you find your feline sleeping on the sofa one day, the bed the next day, and the sink the third day? Here are reasons why cats keep changing their sleeping spots. Protection against predators In the wild, cats had to change the places they slept in soContinue reading “Why do cats change sleeping spots?”

Cats strange eating habits

Does your cat have strange eating habits? You’re not alone. Yeah, cats do strange things sometimes. Here are some weird cats eating habits and the reasons behind them. Playing with food My Amiga loves to chase grains of dry cats food all over the living room. Her tail twitch in excitement, and she freezes inContinue reading “Cats strange eating habits”

Do cats come back after they run away

Will my runaway cat come back? How often runaway cats come back? Pretty often, but that depends on the situation, whether there are coyotes in the area, whether the cat is friendly and trusting, getting too close to the wrong person who might hurt her, or simply following someone home and being kept as aContinue reading “Do cats come back after they run away”

Why do so many people love cats

Why are cats so popular among humans? There are so many cats videos on youtube. There’s a huge amount of cats sites and blogs all over the internet. There are so many cats lovers out there, and there’s always demand for cats food, stuck on shelves in pets stores and supermarkets. Why do so manyContinue reading “Why do so many people love cats”

Can animals show altruism

You look at your pet and wonder: Can animals be selfless? What is altruism in animal behavior, and how common in altruism in animals? Some people believe showing unselfish concern toward others’ welfare is something only humans are capable of, that it’s part of our social behavior. However, animals can be altruistic and compassionate, too,Continue reading “Can animals show altruism”

Is it unusual for a grown cat to act like a kitten?

It’s not that common for a grown cat to act like a kitten, but then some adult cats act like kittens. It depends on the feline’s personality, just like some people never grow up. I had a grown cat named Angel who had acted like a kitten. When he was five years old, he’d leaptContinue reading “Is it unusual for a grown cat to act like a kitten?”