Leave water for feral cats

Feral cats need water desperately. You can’t imagine how much feral cats need humans to leave water for them, especially in this hot climate. Cats don’t drink much, but cats and kittens do need to drink sometimes. Where I leave, it’s California-like climate, steamy and hot like the inside of a washing machine. Stray catsContinue reading “Leave water for feral cats”

Cute cat video to watch on youtube

Here’s my Amiga, and she’s restless. She’s jumping and running everywhere, and my house’s a mess. I did clean it up later. I just didn’t have the time to clean or post for a while, running like crazy. Anyway, I thought you’d enjoy watching this cute cat video. It’s on youtube, by the way. ThisContinue reading “Cute cat video to watch on youtube”

Sick feral kitten taken off the streets

Let me tell you the rescue story of a stray kitten, my Hazelnut. The story took place over five years ago. I was walking down the street for no reason, just because I like to walk and watch trees and bushes, and suddenly I saw a man whose little dog I liked to pet. HeContinue reading “Sick feral kitten taken off the streets”

Video of a feral cat in the park

I found a beautiful, friendly cat in the park, and I just had to take a video of this feral cat. This feline wasn’t camera-shy like so many feral cats. She was nice enough to pose. The thing about taking feral cats videos is that it’s so easy. They’re everywhere around here, and you runContinue reading “Video of a feral cat in the park”

Cats and pigeons

Cats have excellent hunting instincts, which is why they chase a shoestring with enthusiasm, and why they play rough sometimes with other cats and even their beloved humans. But these cats live among pigeons without hunting them down. This could be because they’re used to pigeons, because they pigeons don’t escape when they see themContinue reading “Cats and pigeons”

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