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Feral cats video

I just had to take a picture of these feral cats and load it to youtube. Sorry, no music to go along with it. Funny how so many stray cats crowd together, and apparently some kindhearted person has left them some food. Maybe that’s why they stick together. I was on my way to aContinue reading “Feral cats video”


Video of a feral cat in the park

I found a beautiful, friendly cat in the park, and I just had to take a video of this feral cat. This feline wasn’t camera-shy like so many feral cats. She was nice enough to pose. The thing about taking feral cats videos is that it’s so easy. They’re everywhere around here, and you runContinue reading “Video of a feral cat in the park”

Cats and pigeons

Cats have excellent hunting instincts, which is why they chase a shoestring with enthusiasm, and why they play rough sometimes with other cats and even their beloved humans. But these cats live among pigeons without hunting them down. This could be because they’re used to pigeons, because they pigeons don’t escape when they see themContinue reading “Cats and pigeons”

Feral cat rescue story

This isn’t a typical feral cat rescue story, where the human finds the cat. This is one of these times where it’s the feral cat who finds the human and rescues herself. Amiga was one of those feral cats, born and raised on the streets, eating from the garbage and the little food she couldContinue reading “Feral cat rescue story”

Why do cats sleep so much?

Is it normal for cats to sleep all the time? You might have wondered, and maybe even worried if your cat is all right, if there’s something wrong, when you see her sleeping for hours and hours. But you have nothing to worry about. It’s normal for cats to sleep all the time, and itContinue reading “Why do cats sleep so much?”