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How to get a cat to like you

How to get a cat to like you? How to get a stray cat to like and trust you? How to get a cat to come to you? I’m going to answer these questions in this post, from experience of feeding feral cats for many years and having four feral cats living in my house.Continue reading “How to get a cat to like you”


How to build a cat-friendly garden

Building a cat-friendly garden is very important to felines. Cats don’t go to work, or even for a walk around the block. The only outdoor place they know is the yard and the backyard surrounding the house. This is their world. Here are a few ideas on how to build a cat-friendly garden. Safety AContinue reading “How to build a cat-friendly garden”

How to keep your cat from running away

I know from bitter experience the horror of losing your cat. The heartbreak and worry, imagining the worse one minute and hoping the next. My cat had come back, but some cats don’t. Runaway cats can be hit by cars, eaten by predators, or taken in by a stranger. This is how you can keepContinue reading “How to keep your cat from running away”