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What surfaces do cats not like to walk on

There are surfaces cats don’t like to walk on, for different reasons. If you don’t want your cat to go in the kitchen, for instance, you can put material cats won’t walk on to keep them out. Or if you want them out of your bedroom when you sleep. This post contains Amazon affiliate linksContinue reading “What surfaces do cats not like to walk on”

Why do cats have whiskers?

Ever asked yourself these questions? Why do cats have whiskers on their eyebrows? Why are cats whiskers so long? Why do cats have whiskers above their eyes? And why do cats’ whiskers curl? Cats are amazing and mysterious creatures. Let’s unfold the whiskers mystery. Where do cats have whiskers? Cats have whiskers above the mouthContinue reading “Why do cats have whiskers?”

What do cats hate the most?

What scents and plants do cats hate the most? What do cats hate that people do? This post contains Amazon affiliate links and links to other posts. What scents do cats hate the most? Menthol, mint, and citrus are too strong for sensitive feline nostrils. Lemons and oranges are scents that many humans love, butContinue reading “What do cats hate the most?”

Why are cats scared of cucumbers?

Is it true that cats are scared of cucumbers? Why do cats get scared of cucumbers? Cucumbers look like snakes The reason why cats get scared of cucumbers or pickles is because they remind them of snakes. This is an evolutionary fear that has kept the feline species alive in the wild. Cats are creaturesContinue reading “Why are cats scared of cucumbers?”