Why do cats have whiskers?

Ever asked yourself these questions? Why do cats have whiskers? Why are cats whiskers so long? Why do cats have whiskers above their eyes? Cats are amazing and mysterious creatures. Let’s unfold the whiskers mystery. Where do cats have whiskers? Cats have whiskers above the mouth and eyes, back legs and near the ears. WhyContinue reading “Why do cats have whiskers?”

Why are cats scared of cucumbers?

Why are cats scared of cucumbers? Cucumbers look like snakes The reason why cats are scared of cucumbers is because they remind them of snakes. This is an evolutionary fear that has kept the feline species alive in the wild. Cats are creatures of hot climates by origin, and snaked are plentiful in hot climates.Continue reading “Why are cats scared of cucumbers?”

Do cats make friends with other cats

Do cats form friendships with other cats? I’ve seen feral cats hanging together, but it’s rather rare. Mostly, stray cats can be seen roaming the streets on their own. Can cats friend other cats? Sure they can, and sometimes they do, but that depends on the circumstances. Age and gender Do cats make friends withContinue reading “Do cats make friends with other cats”

How to take your cat outside for the first time

How to introduce your cat to the outdoors, when they’ve never been outside? Sure, it’s easier with a cat who’s used to being outside, even if you move them to a new house. But how to introduce your indoor cat to the outside world? How to introduce your cat to going outside, when he’s scaredContinue reading “How to take your cat outside for the first time”

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