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Six reasons why cats abandon their kittens

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Cats are usually good mothers who would give their lives to protect their kittens. Every once in a while, you see small kittens that have been abandoned. There are reasons why mother cats abandon their babies. Her are six reasons why do some mother cats abandon their kittens.

When the kittens are sick

Why do cats abandon one kitten? Well, mother cat doesn’t know about vets or antibiotics. If she sees one of her kittens is sick, she believes they’ll die. Maybe she wants to save her milk and energy for her other kittens, who have a better chance of survival, or maybe she can’t stand to watch her young die. So feral cats abandon their sick kitten as an act of desperation.

If the mother is dead

Sometimes it looks as if the mother has abandoned her kittens, when in fact mother cat was hit by a car or died from sickness. It can happen. Roads are a death trap for cats at night. There’s a bright safety collar for cats.

Orphaned kittens have a better chance of survival than abandoned kittens, because the orphans aren’t necessarily sick.

Getting lost

The mother could be displaced after being trapped for spaying. There are programs for neutering stray cats where I live. Although we still have many kittens running around. Or she could just get lost, or one of the kittens may get lost.

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Not a motherly cat

Every cat has a different personality. I knew one cat who left her kittens when they were almost as large as she was, and she still visited regularly. She was a very nurturing and motherly cat. Just like she was more nurturing than the average cat, some cats are less nurturing. A mother cat who’s not loving toward her kittens will reject and abandon them. It’s unusual, of course.

The mother isn’t far

Sometimes the mother searches for food and leaves the kittens alone, so it seems as if the kittens are abandoned, but they’re not. If you wait a long time, and the mother isn’t back yet, perhaps that isn’t the case. Do mother cats leave their kittens alone? Sometimes they don’t have a choice, if they don’t want to starve to death.

At what age do cats abandon their kittens?

When do mother cats leave their kittens in the wild? Or in the urban jungle? Mother cats usually abandon their kittens when they’re old enough to fend for themselves, around 4 weeks old. otherwise, they’ll have dozens of cats following them around and taking their food and their energy, so they really don’t have a choice. They get pregnant twice a year or so and have four kittens in a litter each time on average. That’s eight kittens a year. And in a few years… do the math. That’s really too much for anyone.

Will a cat abandon her kittens if you touch them?

Do mother cats rejects their kittens if human touch them? Every cat is different, but most cats wouldn’t abandon their kittens if you touch them. I’ve touched Princessa’s kittens, and she didn’t abandon them. I’ve heard cats owners telling me they’ve touched their cat’s kittens, and mother cat didn’t abandon them. I’m not saying it can’t happen, only that it doesn’t happen often, and I’ve never seen it happen. But you should always use caution before touching a kitten, especially a feral kitten. Maybe its mother is one of the few cats who will abandon her kittens if you touch them.

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Video of a feral cat in the park

I found a beautiful, friendly cat in the park, and I just had to take a video of this feral cat. This feline wasn’t camera-shy like so many feral cats. She was nice enough to pose.

The thing about taking feral cats videos is that it’s so easy. They’re everywhere around here, and you run into them every time you leave your house, no matter where you go. These beautiful, magical creatures. You come home from work at night, and suddenly, a pair of yellow pinpoints of light pierce the darkness, cats’ eyes. They’re around all the time, day and night.

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Cats and pigeons

Cats have excellent hunting instincts, which is why they chase a shoestring with enthusiasm, and why they play rough sometimes with other cats and even their beloved humans. But these cats live among pigeons without hunting them down.

This could be because they’re used to pigeons, because they pigeons don’t escape when they see them – something that would’ve evoked the feline hunting instincts for sure, or because there are so many pigeons, the cat can’t concentrate on one in particular. The pigeons do fly when the cats start running, but then they’re freaked out by the camera, so they ignore the birds.

However, these two cats didn’t hunt the pigeons. They were surrounded by a bunch of birds, and it didn’t occur to them to attack. They were very polite, as much as cats can be polite, especially feral cats. They usually hunt them ferociously.

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Can feral cats be domesticated

I’ve heard people say feral cats can’t be domesticated, that feral cats can’t be good pets. But from my experience, that depends on the cat’s personality. Each cat has a unique personality, just like people.

So, the jury’s out. Can stray cat become domesticated? Can a feral cat become a house cat?

Showing affection If ‘domesticated’ means being able to love their humans and show love, the answer is yes. Feral felines can be domesticated this way. I took an adult stray cat, Amiga, off the street. She was born and raised on the streets. And she’s a lap cat. She jumps on my lap and won’t get off. If she had her way, she’d stay on my lap all day long. So it’s possible for a feral cat who’d never had human contact before, who’d never been inside a house before, to be affectionate.

In fact, all animals love their owners. Even wild animals can show love. I know woman who’d taken a wounded bat that was hit by a car to her house, and she’s keeping it as a pet.

Bad patients Feral cats tend to be more suspicious than house cats, and some of them have a sixth sense, so they know when you’re going to force a pill down their throat or put them in a cage to take to the vet. If being domesticated means the cat will let you take them to the vet without attacking you, then many feral cats can’t be domesticated. Then again, many house cats will attack you and the vet under these circumstances. Except feral cats tend to be more aggressive.

Friendly to strangers Most feral cats aren’t friendly to strangers, and they won’t let a stranger get near them, much less touch them. But that doesn’t mean a feral cat can’t be domesticated! My Amiga was like this at first. It took her a while to warm up to me, and more importantly, to trust me.

Personality Every cat has a different personality. One of my cats, Princessa, also a feral taken off the street as a grown cat, won’t let me pet her even though I had her for a long time, but then there are friendly feral cats out there who let strangers pet them. It’s not that feral cats can’t be domesticated. It’s that every cat has their own personality. However, I suspect that if Princessa was raised by humans as a kitten, she wouldn’t be so suspicious today. This is one feral cat that can’t be domesticated.

One of my four cats, Chocolate Paws, doesn’t live in the house. He just shows up to eat. He’s an example of a feral cat that won’t be domesticated. I shot a video of him, but he was camera-shy. Here it is.

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Feral cat rescue story

This isn’t a typical feral cat rescue story, where the human finds the cat. This is one of these times where it’s the feral cat who finds the human and rescues herself.

Amiga was one of those feral cats, born and raised on the streets, eating from the garbage and the little food she could scrap from cats’ feeders, who struggle to feed so many feral cats, there’s never enough food for everyone.

She was smart enough to leap through the window into my first floor apartment, leaping into my life, leaping into a better life. This feral cat now eats the best food and gets veterinary care. Also, she gets lots of love and affection from me, something she craves constantly.

The brown cat is Amiga, and the black cat is Princessa. Two feral cats who’d rescued themselves.

Amiga loves to play, but Princessa doesn’t always like it. Amiga and Princessa both arrived pretty much at the same time, smelling the cats’ food I left out for my first cat, Hazelnut. So I guess you can call it a double rescue story.

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Feline humor at the workplace

Don’t you just love your job? My cat chases her own tail for hours, a professional tail chaser. Kinda difficult to work when you sleep sixteen hours a day. How about a few cats jokes.

Looking at the clock five minutes before end of shift.

What you mean, I have to work double shift?

Your boss when you’re late for work.

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Orange cat in a yard

There are so many brown striped feral cats around here. Less black and white ones. Orange cats are the minority. I just had to take this video.

I was taking a walk in the neighborhood, because I love watching trees and bushes go backwards as I walk forward, the scenery changes. I see cats everywhere. If there’s a cat under a car, I’ll see it. And there was this orange cat, really cute.

Is it a cat or a kitten? Cats have their babies in fall and spring. Especially I see them in the fall. This one seems to be a teenager.

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Feral cat outside my window

This feral cat must’ve smelled the cats’ food. When I opened my window to let Hazelnut (black and white feral cat sitting on top of the air conditioner in the video), in the house, this cat just stared at me. I wish I could feed her, too, but I can’t afford to feed ALL the feral cats in the neighborhood. I work for minimum wage, doing surveys over the phone, and feed four feral cats and pay the vet for their treatment.

So, she was so cute, I just had to video her, these wide eyes. By the way, I’ve made a mistake with my previous videos, holding the camera vertical, when I should’ve been holding it horizontal. Which is why there were black edges on both sides of the videos. I corrected it. Here’s the result.

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Why do cats sleep so much?

Is it normal for cats to sleep all the time?

Do cats normally sleep a lot? You might have wondered, and maybe even worried if your cat is all right, if there’s something wrong, when you see her sleeping for hours and hours. But you have nothing to worry about. It’s normal for cats to sleep all the time, and it doesn’t mean your cat is sick. It’s just in their nature. Cats are meant to sleep a lot. Now, why do cats sleep so many hours a day?

How many hours a day does a cat sleep?

The average feline sleeps twelve to sixteen hours a day.

That’s sounds ridiculous for a human who gets by with 7-8 hours of sleep a day. Why do cats sleep 16 hours a day?

Cats just love to sleep. Cats certainly sleep much more than humans. Why do all cats like to sleep so much? It’s not that they’re lazy. It’s probably an evolutionary thing. They gain new energy through sleep, recharging for a new day in the jungle. You need a lot of energy when faced with survival issues such as predators and food shortage, and when you have to hunt for a living and rely on sharp instincts and speed to survive. That’s why cats need to sleep so much.

And felines can nap in places that would’ve been uncomfortable for a human, positions that are inconvenient. Sometimes they sleep curled up or in other strange position. Again, that’s the only way to survive in the jungle. It’s not like they have bed and breakfasts in the forests. Feral and domestic cats make do with any warm spot they can find.

But out spoiled pets prefer a cats bed to sleep in.

That feline ability to fall asleep so easily fascinates me, as a chronic insomniac who’d suffered from inability to sleep since childhood. Although it’s a shame cats sleep so much and miss out on activity, I’d happily trade places with them. Besides, they can always dream fascinating dreams.

The transformation from sleep to wakefulness is easier for cats When cats wake up, they’re usually not as cranky as a human who’d been awakened. They don’t need their three cups of coffee to start the day. They yawn, stretch, and are ready to go. Another evolutionary trait that helped them stay alive in the jungle. You can’t wast time being disoriented when you’re both a hungry predator and a small creature who can fall prey to larger meat-eaters.

Cats have an acute awareness even when sleeping My cats always wake up when I want to force them to swallow a pill or put anti-flea drops on the back of their necks. I had a cat who’d wake up whenever I walked out of the room, and he’d follow me and fall asleep next to me. Another way to survive in the jungle, when you don’t know what kind of creatures may approach you when you sleep, and what their intention is. When deep sleep can be dangerous, a light snooze will do.

Feline sleep is adapted to jungle life in many ways.

Why do cats sleep so much when it rains?

You may have noticed your cat napping a lot in rainy weather. There are reasons why most cats sleep so much when it rains. One is an evolutionary trait, saving their energy for times when prey will be plentiful and not hiding inside their tunnels. Another is the the tapping of the raindrops, a white noise that can put a person to sleep, too.

Why do cats sleep so much in winter? Same reason, perhaps. The cold weather prevents prey from leaving their warm hideouts, and felines need to preserve their energy.

Cats love a closed cats bed that keeps them warm on cold rainy days.

Why do cats sleep so much when they get old?

Cats sleep a lot more when they grow old because they don’t have the energy they used to when they were younger.

Why do cats sleep so much during the day?

Cats hunt at night in the wild, and they need to preserve their energy during the day so they can be the best hunters they can be at night.

Why do cats sleep so much in summer?

The heat exhauses cats, and they need to find a cool place to rest. Resting not only preserves their energy so they can handle the heat. Sleeping also lowers body temperature.

And maybe prey stays deep in tunnels during the hottest hours, and there’s not need to be awake, anyway, because there’s nothing to hunt.

Anyway, I was walking toward the bus stop on my way to work, and then I saw this cute cat sleeping in someone’s yard. Had to snap a video.

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