The cat in the yard

I was taking the garbage out, and there was this cute cat outside. I just had to video her. Can’t take her home, though, because I already take care of four cats and can’t afford another one.

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A unique color for a cat

Here’s a video of a rather unusual cat that didn’t want to pose for the camera. It’s difficult to shot a clip of an uncooperative cat. It has a color I can’t describe.

There are a million feral cats around here. You see them wherever you go, jumping out of garbage cans, hanging in backyards. I took four home, and I’ve taken a few sick cats to the vet. But I can’t take them all home.

There are cats’ feeders here, who give food to the strays in parks, yards, and sometimes in the streets. Some people give them a hard time, because some people see these cats as pests. But they’re hungry, and they didn’t ask to be feral cats. Shelters are full.

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Meet Amiga

This is one of my four cats, Amiga. She’d leapt into my life four years ago, smelling the cats’ food I’d put in my first cat’s bowl. I live on the first floor of a four floors building, ground level, so she found it easy to drop by anytime she wanted.

First she was afraid of me, but then she started letting me pet her. She didn’t know she could sit on my lap. The idea just never occurred to her, because she’d been living on the streets all her life and didn’t know much about humans.

So once, when she wanted to leap out the window, she walked on top of my legs because I was sitting on the sofa on her way to the window, and I just petted her and gently pushed her down until she was sitting on my lap. She liked it, and now she sits on my lap for hours every day, and I have to push her off because I have to cook or go to work. She practically lives on my lap now.

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