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Cat won’t eat if bottom of bowl visible

Why do cats never finish their food? Some cats refuse to eat if they can see the bottom of the bowl. This can be a source of frustration for cats’ owners, who have to fill the bowl many times a day. But there are reasons to this kind of behavior. Why won’t cats eat if the bottom of the food bowl is visible?

This you food bowl, human? I licked it clean for you so you don’t have to wash it. Always the considerate one. The caviar was good by the way. Allow me to compliment you on your good taste.

Next time, leave my bowl full so I don’t has to take your food.


When the food is low, your cat must lower her head to get to the food, which causes her whiskers to rub against the sides of the bowl. This can be irritating for cats because of the sensation and the sight scraping sound a whisker can make as it rubs against the stainless steel.

These whiskers weren’t made to rub against stainless steel, human. I’m proud of me whiskers. When the other cats measure their whiskers, I always win. Girl cats eye me as I slither down the street, and male cats look with jealousy. Once someone yells at me, “Hey, you, where you got these whiskers?”

Me got the largest whiskers in town, so large I can hardly get out the window, and I’m whiskers sensitive. Now hop back in the kitchen and fill me food bowl.

Getting stuck

A cat may be afraid its head can get stuck in the food bowl, if the food bowl is long and narrow. When the food is low, the cat has to dig her head in deeper, which is why the cat may refuse to eat if the food bowl isn’t full, out of fear, whether it’s a justified fear or not.

Food shortage

when there isn’t enough food, you don’t want to finish everything on your plate. You might want to keep some for later. Cats may refuse to eat if the bottom of the food bowl if visible for that reasons. If the amount of food in the bowl is low, that can mean there isn’t enough food.

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What’s the best thing your pet ever did for you?

What’s the best thing your pet ever did for you? What did your kitty friend bring to your life, or your dog? Pets aren’t just cute and funny. They’re so much more than this, and what they bring into our lives is difficult to put into words.

I stumble over this question in Quora and Yahoo answers, and I just had to write a post about it, because it really is an interesting question.

The best thing my Persian cat ever did for me was make me see things differently, recapture my childhood happiness to some extent. This is what happened.

As a child, I was fascinated by nature, animals, and music. It was what i lived for. I never socialized with other kids, being shy and a loner. But these three things were all I needed. They were magic.

What's the best thing you pet ever did for you?

When I turned nine, things had looked different, not as exciting as they used to be. It’s not that i didn’t like the things I used to, but they’d lost their hypnotizing quality. It was like the rainbow had faded, its colors tinted with gray. I didn’t understand what happened, and it scared me to think I’d live my whole life this way.

When I was ten and a half, one of the feral kittens I was feeding at my parents’ yard had run away. I didn’t expect it, didn’t know kittens ran away if they’re not fixed. It was my favorite kitten, a cute orange one. I was depressed for half a year.

Eventually, I kind of grew out of it, but a mild depression lingered for decades, making me attracted to danger in my teen years, in the foolish belief that the excitement of risk would chase away the boredom.

And later, in my early twenties, I’d deliberately chosen night jobs and would walk home after midnight in the worse neighborhood, with a knife in my pocket. I had taken crazy chances, and looking back, I see I’m luck to be alive.

So, this is the best thing my cat had done for me. This will sound crazy, but after I lost my cat Milky, I started remembering my early childhood and missing it, even though I was in my late thirties. At first I didn’t understand why, and then it dawned on me; I wanted to go back to that time in my life before I lost my cat.

And suddenly, I started craving nature, not as fiercely as I used to, and it’s not like I ever stopped loving nature. But I started paying more attention to trees, bushes, flowers, blue sky, the sunlight, the way the palmtops turned the sky and the sun into a puzzle of green and blue and gold. I started paying attention to the birdsong.

This is the best thing my cat had done for me, and the worst thing, of course. I’d give anything to get her back, and I’d give up this ability to enjoy nature if it would bring her back, but she’s given me something.

And now on a happier note, my new cat Hazelnut used to scratch and bite me constantly as a hyperactive kitten, and I had developed a higher threshold for pain. So when I went to the dental hygienist, she told me I don’t complain like some of her clients. That’s the best thing my kitten had done for me, lol.

And once my cat Angel had killed a winged cockroach that had gotten into the house, and I’m terrified of these things.

And what is the best thing your pet ever did for you? whether it’s a cat, dog, rabbit, parrot, iguana, (or a pet alligator if you live in Miami, where you can keep any pet you want), please share in the comments.

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Why do cats attack humans

Why do feral cats attack humans? Do house cats attack humans? Why is my cat suddenly attacking me? Many cats owners ask these questions. Cats are unpredictable sometimes, but they have their reasons, so let’s try to understand them.

Aggression in cats can happen for several reasons, but it’s usually directed at other animals, especially other cats. Being smaller than humans and easily frightened, cats usually don’t attack humans randomly. Except for the times they do. Why does a cat decide to attack a human, who is a much bigger predator? When do cats attack humans?

Protecting their young

There’s nothing more fierce than a mother cat protecting her kittens. Mother cats are very brave, and they’ll heroically attack whomever they consider a threat to their kittens. Walking close to a litter of feral kittens when the mother is around is never a good idea.

When cornered

Cats don’t attack humans for no reason. They prefer to run when feeling threatened, but if they can’t run, they go for the rule of fight of flight. When you force a pill down your cat’s throat, or grab it by the back of the neck to put in a cage so you can take it to the vet, the cat feels cornered and is likely to attack. And, of course, if you try to bath your cat, which cats hate.

When angry at someone else

It sounds crazy, but it’s true. Cats can take their aggravation and frustration out on their beloved owners. One of my cats, Princessa, has bitten the back of my calf several times when my other cat Hazelnut had hissed at her. I happened to be standing right between the two, and so I got the worst of it.

Cats can attack humans in such circumstances because they feel rather than think, and they’re impulsive and childish.


When getting in between two fighting cats, you’re taking a chance of being bitten and scratched either because the aggressive cat feels an urge to take her anger out on you, or because it attacks the other cat, and, blind with rage, hurts you accidentally.

Defending their property

My Hazelnut had bitten me angrily when I took a branch she’d brought into the house, among other trash she’d brought into the house as a kitten. She was angry at having her toy taken away from her.


A wounded animal is a dangerous animal. If your cat is in pain, and you move to touch it, the cat may attack even her beloved human. The hurting cat is afraid that the touch will cause it more pain.

A territory dispute

When my Princessa brought her kittens to my house and had settled in the laundry machine room, she’d hissed every time I’d come in to do laundry, and sometimes she’d lunged at me. This is my territory, and my kittens. She also didn’t like it when I got too close to one of her kittens.

Sometimes, cats can attack their humans when they’re under the warm blanket on a cold winter night, and the human puts a hand in their makeshift tents in an effort to pet the cat. Spoken from painful experience.

What cats are more likely to attack humans?

Fearful cats are more likely to attack humans than trusting cats. Feral cats are usually more suspicious by nature, and every cat has a different personality as an individual.

If your cat trusts you, she may allow you to touch her kittens. Some cats even allow strangers near their kittens, but these are very trusting cats by nature. They simply assume no one will hurt their kittens.

Some cats are more territorial than others, and some are short-tempered, while others are gentler. I had a cat who used to attack me whenever I looked at a spot on his fur for more than three seconds straight, because he thought I might touch it or snap off tangled fur with a child’s scissors. And he hated the sound of the snap and was very sensitive to touch.

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Do cats think we’re cats

How can we tell if cats think we’re cats, if the cat can’t tell us what they’re really thinking?

But they can, without words. By understanding the feline behavior, you can tell whether cats think their owners are large cats, or if they realize humans are not like them.

Do cats think we're cats?

Cats mew to people, but not to other cats. However, their kneading and purring and rubbing against their humans can indicate that they treat us like foster mothers. But in the animals’ world, a foster mother doesn’t necessary have to be from the same species.

Cats don’t think we’re other cats because they realize we’re different in so many ways. We speak to them in a human language that is so much different than feline language. We walk on two. We’re slow and large and hairless.

Cats don’t think we’re other cats any more than they think mice and birds are other cats, or that dogs are other cats. Cats knew which species is prey and which to fear, so they must know the difference between the species.

When a human stranger walks into my house, the pizza delivery or the postman, my cats rush to the open shutters and jump down from my first floor, ground-level apartment into the yard and refuse to come back until the stranger’s gone. When another cat gets into the apartment, which happens because there are so many feral cats around, my cats hiss and growl and often swat it. This kind of behavior is indication that cats don’t think we’re cats, because they treat us differently than they treat other cats.

And cats can smell us. Felines have a very sensitive sense of smell that’s typical for predators. Humans don’t smell like cats.

Some of the feral cats around here, the braver and more trusting ones, mew at humans and follow them around in the hope of receiving food. They don’t try this with other cats. You’d say it’s because they’d been given food by humans before, but this may not necessarily be so. There are a few cats feeders in the neighborhood, but not too many, and there is a huge amount of feral cats, so they can’t feed them all. And these are feral cats I’m talking about, not abandoned after been kept as pets, but born and raised on the streets for generations.

From my experience with more than one cat in the household, I can tell cats are much more attached to the human than to each other. I had two cats, and although they had showed some affection to each other every once in a great while, it was me they’d come to on a regular basis asking for cuddles, settling on my lap, and following me around the house. And crying when I go to work.

Then again, it’s not unusual for cats to follow other cats around the house, rub against each other, lick each other, and settle on the sofa next to each other, touching.

So, the verdict is out. I believe cats don’t think we’re cats, but I can’t prove it. What do you think? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Mew your heart out.

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Why do cats knock things off countertops

Why do cats love knocking items off countertops, shelves, and tables? This kind of feline behavior is annoying to cats’ owners. It’s also kind of funny, the way cats play with things, pawing the object closer and closer to the edge, inch by inch, until they knock it down, and then the sound of the item hitting the floor scares them, and they run off.

So, why do cats deliberately knock stuff off countertops?

Hunting instincts

Even non-living objects appeal to the cat’s hunting instincts. Cats like pawing balls and sending them flying, and then pouncing on them. They prefer a moving target, preferably a live one, but if there’s none at paw, anything moveable will do. I had a cat who used to chase imaginary things, but that doesn’t apply to all cats. Every cat is different as an individual.

Why do cats knock things off countertops?


When your feline knocks something off the table, and you come running, Fluffy understands that’s the way to get the attention of his beloved human. That, or you jump from the sound of the crash, and your cat gets a reaction out of you. That’s why babies cry once they find out their parents rush to their side at the sound of their wails.

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What cats bring home

Look what the cat just dragged in. Cats bring home many undesirable things.

What do cats bring home?

Aside from prey, cats also bring non-living objects into the house. My Hazelnut, when she was a kitten, had brought home a pineapple magnet that I’d stuck to my refrigerator’s door, one pink slipper, a small fallen branch which I’d taken from her because I was afraid she’d cut her mouth on its thorns (and got bitten and scratched for taking her toy), and a man’s boxer’s covered in mud that must’ve been very old because it looked really stiff.

Still looking for hidden treasures; a broken child’s spoon, an abandoned shoelace.

Why do cats bring these things home?

They find them entertaining, and they want to bring their new toys home so they can play with them whenever they can.

Or maybe the cat likes the smell of the new thing she’s found, and she wants to keep it around so she can smell it again, like an eraser I had as a child that I used to hold up to my nose during class, enjoying the scent.

Or perhaps the cat brings these things to your house to show you their latest achievement. Look what I’ve found, human.

What cats are more likely to bring home trash?

Let’s draw a profile of a cat who brings trash to the house. A kitten is more likely to do that than a grown cat, because kittens are more energetic and sometimes hyper. They’re fascinated by things the way small children are impressed by trivial things.

An adventurous and curious cat is more likely to bring home trash than a sleepyhead whose goal in life is to nap on the sofa.

A feral cat is probably more likely to bring trash home than a house cat. My Hazelnut had spent the first five weeks of her life on the streets, one of many feral cats that roam the streets where I live. She must’ve looked for food in the trash more than once, she she knew there are treasure just waiting to be discovered in the garbage cans.

Where do cats find the things they bring home?

I’m pretty sure most of that stuff was found in the garbage, and some of it from the yard or other yards in the area. Except I wonder about the magnet and the slipper because they were in pretty good shape.

Cats sometimes get into first floor apartments. That’s how I got my other three cats, Amiga, Princessa, and Chocolate Paws. It’s usually hungry and desperate cats who do that, but I once had a female Persian cat who’d actually found her way into a building across the road and had scratched the door until the people their opened it. There was another Persian cat in that apartment, a male. Except my cat was fixed and unfriendly to other cats and terrified of humans, so I don’t know what on earth had possessed her to do such a thing.

And trash isn’t the only thing cats bring home, not by a long shot! Cats bring home prey, too. There’s a fascinating post on the 7 reasons why cats bring home prey.

What did your cat ever bring home? I’d love to hear.

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Why some people are afraid of cats

what causes the fear of cats, and what is the fear of cats called?

Cats phobia is also called ailurophobia and gatophobia.

Cats phobia is less common than dog phobia, perhaps because cats are often smaller than dogs, and more importantly, they don’t attack without provocation. Most dogs don’t attack humans, but some do. Around here, dogs with collars walk around freely, and every once in a while you run into an aggressive dog. I’ve been barked at and attacked.

Why are some people afraid of cats? There are several causes for cats phobia.

childhood trauma

A person who was scratched as a child may develop an irrational fear of cats. Small children like pulling tails, and cats don’t like being rough handled. Childhood trauma can go a long way, which is why some grown people are still afraid of cats.

Evolutionary fear

Fear of predators has kept the human species alive long enough to product offspring. Cats are miniature tigers and lions, with sharp teeth and nails as sharp as razor blades. Felines are natural hunters, and humans used to be prey to larger predators. Which is why some people are still afraid of cats even now, millions of generations later.

Fear of pain

Cats often paw humans playfully, which can inflict minor pain if they don’t fold their nails. Cats bite playfully. Cats knead, which can also hurt slightly. And some cats have bad lap manners, not folding their nails when sitting on a human’s lap. Ouch.

Kittens climb on humans, digging their nails into the clothes and underneath, into the skin. My Hazelnut did it to me all the time when she was a kitten.

Fearful cats may hiss

A cat who’s wary of strangers may hiss at a stranger who walks into the room, if the cat has nowhere to run.

Around here, it’s very common to see a cat leaping out of the garbage can when you throw your plastic bag in the can. One can had ran over my brother’s foot when he was a child, and he was wearing sandals, so he suffered a very minor scratch. This is why some people are afraid of cats when they throw the garbage, and those with cats gatophobia are afraid to walk near garbage cans, especially at night.

Glowing eyes

One of the reasons people might be afraid of cats, is because cats’ eyes glow in the dark, and some people find it spooky.

Cats like to hide

Some people might feel cats are ambushing them because they hide in the bushes and watch them, and some humans feel uneasy about been seen without being able to see.

Also, cats like strange hiding places. Once, I put my hand in the laundry basket, and a black paw appeared from under the clothes and scratched me with the speed of a bullet. It was my cat Angel.

Cats are unpredictable

A human can walk home at night, and suddenly a cat shoots from under the bush an inch away. It’s the sudden movement and the sound of snapping leaves that triggers fear.

Fear of disease

One of the reasons why some people are afraid of cats is because they think cats can carry disease. This fear has no base in reality. Cats almost never have rabies. And even if they do, it’s not airborne. They’d have to bite you first. There are other diseases you can catch from cats, but they’re not life threatening, and they’re not airborne. You won’t get sick from just walking by a feral cat.


Some people believe cats bring bad luck, especially the black ones. I have a black cat living in my house right now, and had a black cat before that. I don’t believe they’re bad luck, but some people do. Which is why some people are afraid of black cats in particular.

Irrational fear of felines can put a lot of strain on a person living in a place that has plenty of cats. There are many feral cats around here. If you fear cats, you better not leave your house. They’re all over the place.

Why some people are afraid of cats

People who are afraid of cats can make life difficult for cats’ owners. My neighbor in the other entrance of the building screams at me if she sees my cats peeking out through the bars. People harass cats’ feeders in parks.

How to overcome ailurophobia

Learning about cats’ body language can help. Once a person understands cats, he knows where he stands with the cat. Learning feline psychology is a good idea, because then a person suffering from gatophobia knows which situations to avoid and hot not to stress a cat.

There are steps to overcome an irrational fear of cats, like standing at a distance from a cat and then getting closer one step at a time.

And there’s hypnotherapy.

I always feel fear when I force a pill down one of my cats’ throat, or when putting them in the cage to take to the vet. They usually attack me when I do that. But this isn’t an irrational fear of cats. You can really expect to get hurt when you do that, and I had the scratches on my arms to prove it.

People who are allergic to cats can fear being near them, but that’s also understandable. You can see why people suffering from asthma are afraid of cats, if this is the trigger for an attack.

And then some people who weren’t afraid of cats were scared of my cat Angel. He was a huge black cat with slanted eyes, green tinted with yellow. He had a mean look in his eyes. When the pizza delivery guy had ended up at my apartment by mistake, he told me my cat looks at him like he wants to kill him.

Do you know someone who suffers from gatophobia?

And do you fear forcing a pill down your cat’s throat? Do you feel the fear and do it anyway, or do you ask for help? Or maybe you’re calm about it and don’t worry about a few scratches?

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Hey, Fluffy, where did we end up?

In a cats lover’s house, Silky. Look around you. We’re lucky kittens.

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Why do cats always go to people who don’t like them

Yes, it’s true that cats often go to the one person in the room who hates cats or is scared of cats. There are reasons why cats like people who don’t like felines.

A cats’ lover makes eye contact

Cats are intimidated by eye contact, which is considered an attempt to dominate and control. That’s why cats like people who don’t like cats or are afraid of them. These people will either not bother to look at the cat because they don’t find cats particularly interesting, and those who are afraid of cat will avoid looking at the thing that scares them. It makes the cat feel safe.

Cats sense fear

Cats are pretty good at sensing feelings. When a person is afraid of them, the cat gains confidence. Someone who’s afraid of you is less likely to attack you. So the cat feels safe with a person who’s afraid of cats.

Look at it from the feline point of view. You walk in the jungle and see two bears. One of them shows no fear of humans, and the other looks scared of people. Which one would you prefer to be around?

We’re much bigger than cats, and cats are often frightened of humans. No wonder cats like people who don’t like cats. Look at this giant whale. It just loves people, and it’s heading toward you right now. How does that make you feel?

Cats don’t always want to be touched

Cats are sensitive and defensive. They don’t always like their belies rubbed, or their chins. And some cats don’t like to be touched anywhere by a stranger. Cats are intelligent animals, and they understand when a person shows interest in them and walks toward them, there’s a pretty good chance of his bald, huge human hands finding their way to their fur.

Cats lover: Oh, what a cutiepie. I wonder if it’s velvety or fluffy. Let’s find out.

Cat: Over my dead body, human.

Personal space

Cats don’t always like it when a stranger invades their personal space, which is exactly what a cats’ lover does when seeing a beautiful cat lounging on the sofa at a friend’s house. He walks closer to admire the cat, but the cat may not want to be admired from such a short distance. From a cats’ point of view, it’s like someone who gets in your face. Cats like a cats’ hater’s presence better because he keeps his distance.


Cats are sensitive to smells, and they may take their time getting used to a new smell. A cats’ lover rushes over, bringing his smell with him. Cats like it when people who don’t like cats keep their distance because that lets the cat get used to their smell on his own time and terms.

Being the boss

Cats like making the decisions. They want to be the ones who decide if and when the connection is made. The ability to decide it taken away by an over enthusiastic cats’ lover who makes the first move, instead of the boss, Mr. Cat, deciding on the time and spot where the meeting would take place.

Listen, hooman, this is how it works, OK? You don’t calls us. We calls you if we is interested. Hooman sits in da corner, and we watch and gets an impression of what kind of hooman you is, and if you is good enough, we gives you a call.


Cats are scared of noise, and cats’ lovers sometimes make noise. Their approaching footsteps, their high voices when they talk baby talk to the cat, and the way some people mew at cats. No wonder cats prefer people who don’t like cats. Cats haters would never make these annoying and scaring sounds.

How to approach a cat

Some cats actually like cats lovers. The friendly and trusting cats fall into this category. However, if the cat is shy of strangers, there are steps you can take to make the cat feel comfortable.

  • Give the cat time to get used to you
  • Call the cat over instead of walking toward the cat
  • Don’t rub the cat’s belly or chin
  • Speak in a hushed voice
  • Pet the cat very gently
  • Blink slowly and purr, then look away.

Personal experience

I know it’s true that cat like people who don’t like cats, because my cats always run out the door whenever a stranger is about to enter the house. But when a guy who suffers from asthma triggered by cats walked into the house, my cat leaped on top of the desk and looked right at him, and I had to shoo her out the house, into the yard.

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Do cats forgive you if you hurt them by accident?

So, the verdict is out. Do cats forgive if you hurt them accidentally, yes or no?

Cats can hold a grudge, but not forever

I had stepped on my cats more than once. In the dark, it’s very easy to step on a cat. They’re unexpected, one minute behind you and the next their paw is under your foot. I had felt horrible and kept petting them and talking to them. They forgave me right away.

If your cat loves and trusts you, then your cat will forgive you if you hurt it accidentally, because it understands it was an accident, that this human is a friend. The cats I had stepped on, Angel and Milky, trusted me and had let me pat them.

Do cats forgive if you hurt them accidentally?

However, a feline is more likely to hold a grudge under some circumstances.

Whether or not is was an accident

I had forced a pill down my cat’s throat, and the cat had hidden and waited for half an hour behind a corner until I walked by. Then he leapt on my foot, biting and scratching. Too bad I didn’t have my cellphone back then. Would’ve made an excellent video clip.

A cat knows stepping on his paw is an accident, but forcing a pill down his throat isn’t. Cats have common sense. They understand that you can’t make them swallow a pill by accident. In the cat’s mind, I hurt him deliberately. But he had forgiven me right after the attack. Just wanted to let me know I can’t get away with it.

The cat’s temper

I’d clipped my other cat’s nails because she had an allergy and was scratching like mad, and the vet had told me to do it. And then I clipped too close to the skin, and she mewed and gave me a scolding look. But the cat forgave me for hurting her accidentally right away. This was a mild-tempered cat, a Persian cat called Milky, who would’ve made the perfect model for video clips, by the way. The cat who attacked me was a hot-tempered and violent male cat called, ironically, Angel.

Hooman, you’re my broder, and I love you, but don’t ever go against da famlia again, or I’ll be forced to take actions. And I’d hate to do dat. We been doing business for a long time, and I know you since you was a hooman cub. You always was such a good hooman cub, giving respect to felines. I’d hate to have to have to hire a hitcat. But you’re forcing my paw.

Don’t ever go against the Felianos! They might find you swimming with the rats in the sewer!

Whether or not the cat is trusting

My Princessa is a very anxious cat. After living in my house for years, she still won’t let me pet her on the head, only on the lower back. She attacks if I try petting her near the head. Although she does let me shoot video clips.

After I brought her home from the vet, she’d run away and had stayed in the yard. Took her a week or two to come back. This isn’t so much about the cat forgiving you for hurting it accidentally or deliberately. This is about trust, about fear.

Up to this day, whenever I close the shutters through which my cats go in and out, Princessa panics and paws them obsessively, because I’d closed the shutters when she was taken to the vet, to prevent her from jumping out into the yard. That’s why I don’t shut these shutters anymore.

How long was the incidence

A cat is more likely to forgive you quickly for accidentally hurting it if it was a short incidence. Stepping on a cat’s paws only takes a second, and the pain as a result is very short-lived. But my Princessa was at the vet for days. I had told the vet I can’t force her to swallow a pill, so the poor cat had stayed in a cage all this time, and she’d had pilled shoved down her throat and even suffered an injection. No worry. She’s fine now, and all’s well.

How bad was the pain

Your cat is more likely to forgive someone for hurting it accidentally if the pain was mild, if it wasn’t too traumatic.

Do cats forgive if you hurt them accidentally

This must’ve been a traumatic experience for you, Mr. Tuna. We’ll discuss in our next session how it has affected you on a deeper level that was connected to your kittenhood memories, and the abandonment you’d felt when your mother left you, an experience all felines go through, I’m afraid. You may step off the couch now.

a cat is more likely to forgive a friend who hurt it accidentally than a stranger

A cat is less likely to hold a grudge against someone he knows and loves.

What angers a cat

Except for the obvious, like stepping on a their paws or taking them to the vet, there are ways you can anger your feline.

  • Touching their belly
  • Bringing a new pet into the household
  • Changing their routine
  • Trying giving them a bath
  • Making noise
  • Misplacing their food bowls
  • Not giving them enough attention and affection

Some cats allow you to rub their belly, and some won’t. A cat is angry when touched in a place he doesn’t want to be touched. My brother had moved his cat’s food bowl from one wall to another once, and the cat had gone into the place her food bowl used to be over and over again, to make sure he saw it. Cats are scared of noise. Noise is a common feline phobia. Cats get jealous of other pets you pay attention to. Cats hate water and will turn into wildcats if you attempt to bath them. They feel abandoned if not given enough quality time.

Also, some cats don’t like their picture taken, or being used as models in a video clip. I’ve had cats running away during a shot, but none had ever been angry.

Eventually, your cat will forgive you if you hurt it accidentally. You can always pat your cat, talk to it in a soft voice, the way you talk to a baby, and offer it a treat. Find time to spend with your cat to let it know it’s loved and cherished.

Was your cat ever mad at you? Share your experience in the comments. I love to hear stories about cat, and other pets, too. Whether it’s a dog or a rabbit or a parrot, or your pet alligator…

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