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Can cats read minds?

Cats behavior can indicate an ability to read people’s minds. I had a cat who always seemed to know when I wanted to take him to the vet or force a pill down his throat. He’d get this suspicious and alert look in his eyes, and his body would stiffen. And the endless questions is: all right, can cats read minds, yes or no?

Cats are much more sensitive to our feelings than we give them credit for. Cats study us closely. You can see it in their direct stare, the way they survey their humans. They don’t need human language to know what we’re planning to do. Their ability to understand and put things together is better than any language, because words can lie, but the feline instincts can’t.

So, how does your feline know you’re going to force a pill down its throat, or put it in the cage to take to the vet? Here’s where the cat’s evolutionary traits come into action. This is how you unknowingly give your cat clues about your intention.

Human behavior pattern changes

When you plan to take your cat to the vet, you take the cage and open it. That raises a red flag right there and then. You look in the cat’s direction. You may may be in a hurry and skip the play and cuddle time. Being in a hurry to get this over with, you might move in a hurry. Your feline is aware of all this. Don’t think they don’t notice just because they don’t let on they notice. So, do cats read our minds? No. They’re just smarter than we give them credit for.

An excellent sense of hearing

Your cat may not understand the words you say. They may not be aware of what you say to the vet over the phone, or you telling your spouse that it’s time to take Fluffy to the vet. But there’s a whole different language both alley cats and house cats know about. The sounds language.

When you walk toward your cat in order to take them to the vet or force a pill down your feline’s throat, your footsteps change in their volume and frequency. Your voice does the same, whether it’s your cat you’re talking to, the vet, or your family. And your breathing may change. Cats are very sensitive to changes in sounds.

Body language

Does your body stiffen when you plan to take your mind reading feline to the vet? Do your hands shake? It’s no shame to admit it. The vet’s hands shook too when he had to take care of my crazy cat, now long gone. You know you’ll have a struggle on your hands, and you might get scratched.

Do you wipe your hands on your jeans? Wear gloves? Close the doors and windows so your feline doesn’t escape? Tell the kids to get out of the room? All this planning can just be your pitfalls. Do cats read minds? No. Do they read our body language and make the connection? Yes.

Facial expression

You may be afraid or in a hurry, and it can show in your eyes, your face. Do you blink? Does your mouth set in a thin line in determination?

Photo by Loan on Unsplash

Hahaha, hooman. You think I don’t know what you’re thinking? I’m a step ahead of you. You were thinking of taking me to the vet. And you opened the cage and leaned it on the wall. Well, guess what. I knocked it off. How you like that, hoo-man?

An excellent sense of smell

Your so-called mind reading cat smells the pill, the cage, the sweat on your upper lip as a result of tension.

Can you cat read your mind?

So, how can you take your mind-reading cat to the vet?

I’ve learned to force the thoughts and plans out of my head when dealing with my mind reading cat, who was also huge and so mean-tempered, he was more tiger than cat. I’d picture myself petting him or walking by toward the sofa, concentrating on the sofa. You can teach yourself to do that, but it’s hard.

Just make sure your thoughts fly low so the feline radar can’t pick on it.

None of this explains why my cat had leapt out the window when I was going to give him a pill and didn’t come back until I put the pill back in the drawer. Some things can be explain by logic, and some can’t. Maybe there’s more to your cat than meets the eyes. Who knows.

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How to help feral cats

There are many ways to help feral cats. Where I live, there are about a million of free roaming stray cats, colonies and colonies of them, most are not spayed, and shelters are full. Trapping them is difficult, and there are just too many of them. However, these cats survive in the warm winters. Here’s what you can do to help. There are many stray free roaming cats in Israel.

Take sick and wounded cats to the vet I’ve done that. Here, you have to pay half the price for a feral cat. If you plan on trapping a feral cat, do it carefully. Sometimes you can put food in a cage and then close it. I had simply grabbed a few cats by the back of the neck and hauled them into the cage, but you can get scratched this way. From experience.

Adopt a feral cat I’ve adopted four stray cats, and feral cats can be domesticated, and they can be good pets. They can be affectionate. My Amiga won’t get off my lap, although she’d lived on the streets for years before I got her. And she was born on the street. I urge everyone to adopt a feral cat.

Neutering If you don’t want to adopt, or can’t, you can take healthy stray cats to the vet to be spayed. When I took sick and wounded cats to the vet, they spayed them without extra charge. Although I don’t know what’s going on in other places. That’s what they do around here.

If feral cats continue to have kittens, there will be more mouths to feed, and more cats living on the streets without vet treatments when needed. They may be hungry all their lives, or they may suffer horribly from disease and die.

Leave a pillow or blanket outside There’s a feral cat living in the yard surrounding my building who sleeps on blankets someone left for him. It helps, especially in the winter. Or you can leave a cardboard box outside. Cats love sleeping in cardboard boxes.

Become a cats feeder There are several people I know around here who feed stray cats in their yards, or in the parks. They leave them dry cats food and water.

Unfortunately, people often give cats feeders a hard time. Many people object to feeding feral cats.

I’ve taken four motherless kittens to the vet, but they didn’t survive. There was another stray kitten bitten by fleas so badly, she’d developed anemia. The vet kept her for the night, but she died before morning. And there was another kitten with an infection who also didn’t survive. A cat with FIV and pneumonia who died although I gave him antibiotics.

And there were success stories! A three colored cat with a bleeding eye that the vet had managed to save her eye! At first he’d said chances are slim, but it worked. I had put her back in the alley near the pets store, where they leave her food and water, and her eye looked perfectly normal.

And there was this kitten who was slightly dehydrated and had a cold. I kept her in my house and nursed her to health, but I had to put her back on the streets, sadly. I didn’t have enough money to care for her back then. I was struggling. And there are just too many feral cats, and you can’t take them all.

Are there feral cats in your neighborhood? Or other feral animals? What kind of stray animals live where you are? And where is it? And what’s been done about it? Please tell your story in the comments. Did you ever take a feral cat or another animal to your house, or to the vet? Do you feed feral animals? I know a woman who feeds both cats and hedgehogs, although there are hardly any hedgehogs around here.

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Cat toys

Cats love to play. They don’t have a job or children to take care of. When you’re out of the house, at work, at a friend’s house, or shopping, your pet cat has nothing to do but play. Playing is healthy for cats because it encourages your kitty to exercise and is good for weight loss. Here’s a selection of cats toys online that’ll keep your cat active and happy.

Hey, the human’s home. And look, he’s got some toys!

So glad he finally got the messages I left by ripping the toilet paper to shreds and dragging it all over the house, tearing up the sofa, and putting a dead rat under his pillow.

And a good thing he understood the message. I was getting ready to bring home a tarantula. Alive.

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Squeaking mouse

This rodent makes a squeaky sounds when swatted. You can dangle it on a shoestring and play with your cat or let kitty play alone. You cat can play safely with this toy instead of hunting birds and mice and sticking them under your pillows. My sister’s cat had once brought a live snake to their house.


  • Realistic texture that reminds your cat of a real mouse
  • Filled with the enticing scent of catnip
  • Cats go crazy over it

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Toys package

This package contains anything a feline can desire. Large and small balls, hard and soft mice. With textures that cats love. Colorful and beautiful. The best present your kitty can ask for.


  • A wide variety. You cat has to like at least some of these toys.
  • Contains catnip
  • Balls roll when slapped by a playful paw, teasing the cat into chasing it.
  • Many cats can play while each grabs a toy

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Meal dispensing toy

This amazing cats toy lets out dry food and/or treats when the cat paws it, combines meal with playtime. Cats like feeling they’re eating something they caught. One of my cats puts her toy mouse in the food bowl sometimes and then eats around it. It turns the mealtime into fun-time. Comes in blue, orange, green, and pink colors.


  • Encourage your cat to eat slowly and therefore lose weight
  • Less throwing up after eating slowly
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stimulates your cat’s natural hunting instincts

Facts about Persian cats

Persian cats appearance

Persian cats are very popular by cats’ fanciers because of their striking appearance and gentle personality. A longhaired cat with a flat round face, flat little nose, and huge eyes. Persian cats have bushy tails and long, beautiful fur. They have short, chubby legs.

Some Persian cats’ faces are flatter than others, and their nose reside between the eyes.

I still remember when I was a kitten, and the other kittens in kitten school told me I look like I collided with a truck.

Persian cats personality traits

Here is some interesting information about the Persian cats breed’s personality traits: Persian cats are usually gentle and affectionate. Their sweet temperament is one of the reasons why they’re such a popular breed. They’re usually better patients than other cats and not so quick to attack when taken to the vet, so forcing your Persian cat to swallow a pill isn’t as likely to become a nightmare. Persian cats are often not so athletic and energetic, and some Persian cats are a bit indifferent. They’re undemanding and somehow less intelligent than other cats, according to pet4homes

Perhaps the reasons they’re not as smart as other cats is because they didn’t have to hunt and hide from predators for many generation. They could survive without being clever. It could also be the results of selective breeding where the felines meant to have kittens were preferred because of the cat’s appearance and personality traits, and intelligence wasn’t an important fact.

Persian cats history

Some facts about where the Persian cats breed came from: Persian cats originated from Iran, then called Persia. They arrived in Europe 400 years ago and moved on to the US in the 19th century.

Persian cats related breeds

The Himalayan cats are half Persians and half Siamese, blessed with the Persian beauty and the Siamese loyalty and fierce love for their owners.

The Exotic Shorthair is a breed between Persians and American Shorthair. They have the Persian’s gentle temperament and a shorter fur. Unfortunately, they also share the same health problems as the Persians.

Toy and teacup The smallest Persian cats, often suffering from health problems and early death because of frequent inbreeding.

Chinchilla These Persian cats’ noses aren’t as flat, so breathing problems and tearing eyes are less common.

Persian cats health problems

Now the sad facts about Persian cats: Persian cats often suffer from various health issues such as the polycystic kidney disease, a deadly genetic disease that ruins the kidneys and shortens the cat’s lifespan. It’s a common problem with Persian cats.

Persian cats with extra flat noses often suffer from respiratory problems.

Hairballs are also an issue among this longhair breed. Cats often swallow hairballs when grooming themselves. And Persian swallow quite a bit of their long, thick fur. There are pills and gels that will help your furry friend get rid of these hairballs. You might want to give these to your Persian cat before they get hairballs stuck in their stomachs, once a week or so. Always consult a vet first.

Giving birth to kitten with round heads can result in still born kittens. The shape of the head makes it difficult to get through, and the kittens may die in the process.

Heart problems are common among Persian cats.

Where to buy a Persian cat

Store-bought Persian cats can have many of the genetic health issues mentioned above. The best place to buy a Persian cat is from a reputable breeder. More on how to buy a Persian cat safely in this article.

Foods issues

Persian cats, and other cats that aren’t feral, will often throw up when you change their food. If you want to change your Persian cat’s food, do it slowly, 10% at a time.

Grooming tips

Persian cats need plenty of brushing. Otherwise, their fur will tangle. That’s what happened to my cat. You need to brush their belly and tail and legs and heads. Hair gets tangled a lot in the stomach, and you’ll need to get your Persian cat to lie on its back.

The part of the face is more difficult. The Persian cat’s face needs a good comb, too, but you have to be careful and avoid the eyes.

Also, Persian cats get brown patches under their eyes if you don’t clean this area. Use soft tissues, slightly wet, and wipe underneath their eyes gently.

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Which pet is better, cats or dogs

Which is a better pet, cats or dogs? Should you get a cat or a dog? The answer to this debate varies from one person to another, and probably depends on the individual preferences and personality.

Which is the more popular pet, cats or dogs?

Both dogs and cats are very popular pets, although dogs seem to be more popular. Which makes a better pet, cats or dogs? Let’s see. Here are 6 reason why cats make better pets than dogs and 8 reasons why dogs make better pets than cats.

Here are 6 reasons cats are better pets than dogs

  • No need to walk your cat Cats either stay in the apartment or go out independently.
  • Cats are independent by nature No need to worry about their mental state if you go aboard and leave them with a sitter. They won’t miss their owners as much as dogs.
  • Cats may be cheaper They’re smaller than most dogs and eat less, and sometimes they’re stray, so you don’t have to pay.
  • No need for bath time They clean themselves. Less hassle for you
  • Noise Cats are quieter than dogs
  • They kill insects Felines maybe better pets than dogs when it comes to hunting

Here are 8 reasons why dogs are better pets than cats

  • Dogs protect you They’re loyal. If you get attacked, a huge dog will attack your attackers.
  • home protection They protect their owner’s home from burglars when they’re out
  • You’re the center of their world Dogs adore their masters and make great companions
  • Easy patients Easier to give them a pill, while cats attack when given medicine.
  • Obedient Dogs think you’re the alpha, while cats view humans otherwise.
  • Can be taught tricks More limited capability for cats here
  • Don’t attack their owners Cats do when annoyed.
  • Can take them with you Most cats won’t be put in a harness (instead of a leash)

So, should you get a dog or a cat? A cat may be a better pet for you if you have a busy schedule, or if you’re out of the house a lot. If you have cockroaches or flies, cats will kill them. (I don’t recommend using this method on mice because they’re mammals, after all. There are have a heart cages. Insects only live a few weeks anyway…)

Cats sleep a lot during the day, which can be good, if you want alone time to work on your computer without being disturbed, or bad if you want company. However, a cat can sleep on your lap while you watch TV and pet your furry little friend. And they feel you petting them and purr in their sleep.

If a person lives alone, it’s very difficult to take a dog for a walk when one’s sick. Cats can fend for themselves. And true, they do rip up the toilet paper, knock things off the table, and scratch furniture, but dogs dig up the yard and rip the carpet.

If you’re an outdoor person, a dog is great, because you can take them with you for a walk, tie them outside the supermarket, which you can’t do with a cat. You have company while going about your daily routine. A cat will run if taken outside with you, and won’t stop when you call them.

In some ways, dogs are better pets than cats, but in some ways, cats are better pets than dogs. Cats are more fitting for the indoor type, reclusive, needing space, and short of time person. Dogs are great for the outdoor person who likes interaction and has more time to spare. It also depends whether you’re a cats lover or a dogs lover.

Of course, you can always get both a dog and a cat. Most vets I talk to tell me they have seven cats and five dogs, and they all live together happily ever after.

Which pet do you prefer and why? Please write your opinion in the comments.

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Tel-Aviv’s feral cats

How many feral cats live in Israel

There are about 39,000 feral cats in Tel-Aviv, which is one cat for every ten humans, according to a study by Tel-Aviv university published in let the animals live website. And there are about two millions stray cats in Israel, a country with less than nine millions. One stray cat for every four and a half humans. You see stray cats free roaming the streets all the time.

Why are there so many stray cats in Israel

Many cats were brought to Israel by the English during the British mandate, while Israel belonged to England, before 1948. They were either brought to eat mice and rats or because the English love cats. If they were brought as pets, then it’s not clear why they ended as strays.

The climate in Israel is warm, California-like climate. Cats won’t freeze to death in this weather. On top of mountains and hills, it snows sometimes during the winter, but on flat land, the temperature don’t drop below freezing. I take many cats videos in bright sunlight.

It’s illegal to poison feral cats in Israel.

There’s plenty of food. Feral cats eat from garbage cans, which is why they’re also called ‘garbage cats’, also ‘street cats’. There’s plenty of garbage in the large cities, because they’re crowded. Most people live in buildings, and homes in large cities are too expensive for most people. There are 1022 per square miles according to world population review. In feline terms, that equals plenty of garbage. Chicken is very popular in Israel, and the skin and leftover are thrown in the garbage, a feline delicacy.

There are also cats’ feeders who buy cats’ food or give the feral cats leftovers, in their yards or in the parks. So there’s plenty of food for a feral cat in Israel. I have filmed quite a few cats eating outside.

Spaying, neutering, and shelters for Tel-Aviv stray cats population

Sometimes vets care for sick and wounded feral cats for free. I’ve seen this in several clinics, they’re kept in cages in the backroom, but the vets can’t always do that, because there are so many stray cats, and if the vets take care of every sick or wounded cat they run into, they’ll be working for free day and night.

Sometimes the city spay stray cats, but only a small percentage of the feral cats colonies are neutered. They’re difficult to catch, and there are just too many abandoned cats. There aren’t enough programs for spaying, and the few shelters are full.

There are so many cats in my town and surrounding towns, I can shoot several video clips a day, just walking down the street. That’s where I get all these cats videos. There are always opportunities to film these furry models.

I have three feral cats living in my house, and one more who comes and goes. I took the first one home when she was a sick motherless kitten. Many kittens who are abandoned by their mothers are simply left to die, unless someone takes them in. The few shelters are filled. Here’s a video of my first cat, Hazelnut, when she was a hyperactive kitten.

The lives of feral cats in Tel-Aviv

Feral cats suffer hunger, despite overflowing garbage cans and cats feeders. There are so many cats, and not enough food for everyone. They don’t get vaccination shots or treatment for fleas or worms. Some cats get hit by cars. They don’t get medical treatment if they’re sick or wounded. A sick or wounded feral cat often crawls in the bushes because that’s what they do in the wild, where predators look for weakened animals who can’t fight or run. As a result, they often aren’t discovered by vets or kind people who want to help. Besides, these cats who weren’t raised by humans, are often fearful and violent, and taking an aggressive feral cat to the vet is difficult and dangerous.

Cats feeders here often have a hard time. There are many people in Israel who see feral cats as pests, although they don’t pose a health risk to humans. People yell at cats feeders, and I heard one lady got beat up by her neighbors. I fed feral cats when I was a child, in the yard surrounding the building where I lived with my parents and siblings. The neighbors would chase the cats away, yell at me, and take away the food bowls. Being a cats feeder isn’t easy around here.

I encourage everyone to take home a feral cat. They offer unconditional love and bright up your life. And you save their lives by taking them in. A nice home with plenty of food and medical treatment when needed, not to mention love and affection, is seventh heaven for a feral cat. Adoption of feral cats is good for both the cat and the human.

I have a passion about shooting videos of feral cats. How about filming your own cat or a feral one in your neighborhood? It’ll decorate your blog, and you can share it with friends and family.

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Feline poetry

Whoever said felines can’t be poets? Here’s the best feline poetry ever.

Cats in heat serenade their sweethearts from their respective position above garbage cans. The moon stirs them, and their longing surges out with the ferociousness of water breaking a dam. They howl at the roundness of the moon, soft and yielding like a catnip-full toy, right outside the humans’ window at the tender hours between midnight and dawn.

Her orange whiskers was ablaze in the golden sunshine, and her bushy tail swept the floor like a lover’s caress as she stood gracefully at the stove, installing the nostalgic feeling of content and home while frying a mouse for breakfast.

The swarm of fleas glide gently over your velvety fur, clinging to your ears like an army protecting its queen.

The full moon watches above with the innocent of a newborn kitten, and the silvery stars hold their frozen breath at the all-consuming beauty of Hunter. Her grace is so vast, so wholesome, that it’ll take all the planets in the universe to house. She moves in a soothing motion as she lands her padded paw on a rat that had just climbed out of the sewer, its mouthwatering aroma painting the air a solid and nourishing color.

My heart is a can of tune, and you’re the can opener. You’re my soul sardine. I’ll wait for you till the end of mew, till this world runs out of mice.

Feline poets who sing their hearts out at three o’clock at night near your window have the right to express themselves under constitutional law. Chasing those feline poets away by throwing a slipper at them is a violation of their civil rights.

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Are white blue eyed cats deaf

White blue eyes cats are beautiful but also prone to deafness.

Why are white haired blue eyed cats usually deaf?

They have a gene that suppresses pigmentation and hearing. Here are some facts about white blue eyed cats and hearing problems.

Not all white cats with blue eyes are deaf White blue eyed cats aren’t always deaf, but they have a high chance of suffering from deafness.

A white cat with one blue eye is less likely to be deaf than a white cat with two blue eyes. And a deaf white cat with one blue eye will often be deaf in one ear only, usually the one on the same side as the blue eye.

The blue-eyed cat doesn’t have to be completely white to be deaf Even if the cat is mostly white, but has a gray/black/orange patch here and there, it’s still at a high risk for deafness.

A white cats with green eyes is less likely to be deaf than a white cat with blue eyes, but more likely than a non-white cat. The reasons white cats’ genes is linked to deafness are explained in this article.

How to check the cat’s hearing In other words, how to tell if a white blue-eyed cat is deaf. If you want to buy a white cat or take one off the street, and you’re concerned about its hearing, clap your hands and see its reaction. Cats are afraid of noise, and the feline will probably jump or at least look for the source of the noise.

Warning: don’t do this near a main road. You don’t want the cat to run into oncoming traffic.

Precautions: A deaf cat can’t hear an approaching car, and cats often rely on their hearing when crossing the road. They don’t look before crossing the road, which is why so many cats get killed by cars. The danger is much higher for a deaf cat. Deaf cats shouldn’t be allowed outside unless there’s a cat-proof fence surrounding the area.

Deafness won’t affect the cat’s quality of life A deaf cat can be perfectly happy and content. They have a sense of smell that makes their world richer, and they love a full food bowl, toys, and lots of cuddling and love from their loyal human servants.

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Are cats color blind?

You look at your cat and wonders what it sees, how the world looks through feline eyes. Since there’s nothing more fascinating than felines, you rush to the computer. OK, google, are cats color blind, yes or no?

3 facts about cats’ eyesight: Cats are color blind. Cats are shortsighted. Cats see better than humans in the dark.

Cats are color blind Cats have no evolutionary need for colors. Seeing a large predator heading your way is all it takes. The cat doesn’t have time to admire its romantic colors before it bolts. The cats’ sharp sense of smell and sensitive hearing make up for their muted view.

Because cast are color blind, they may not appreciate the roses’ rich, bright color, but they enjoy the outside in ways we don’t. The enchanting scents and tiny sounds that we can’t hear, and the feline ability to be fascinated by a jumping grasshopper make up what what they’re lacking in color and beauty.

What colors can cats see? Can cats see orange? Some scientists believe cats can see blues and grays, while some think they might see green and maybe even yellow. However, reds and pinks are grayish, faded colors. Cats can’t distinguish between between red and orange.

Cats are short-sighted Felines don’t need to see their prey from a large distance. It’ll run away by then. Cats only pounce when they’re close to their prey anyway.

Cats have night vision Cats have tapetum lucidum layer behind their retina. It reflects light and enables felines to see in the dark. It also makes cats’ eyes shine in the dark, which cats’ lovers like me think is a fairy tale, magical kind of beauty, but children find scary. Night vision is important for nocturnal creatures.

The color cats’ eyes reflect depend on their fur’s color Most cats’ eyes shine a yellowish color, blue-eyed cats’ eyes glow a spooky red. I had a cat just like that, and she looked scary at night. A cute kitten’s innocent blue eyes can pierce the night like two burning red dots.

Since cats are color blind, they see the red glow from a blue-eyed cat as a muted color, not bright like we humans see it. If your orange tabby could see his reflection in the mirror, his feline color blind eyes would turn his lovely bright fur into a much duller shade, maybe grayish muddy.

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Why do cats knead?

Ever wondered why your cat knead you softly, especially when he’s happy and content? Ever wondered what does it mean when a cat kneads you? Here are five possible reasons why cats knead their owners, for domestic and feral cats.

Kittenhood memories lead to kneading Kittens knead mother cat’s nipple to stimulate the flow of milk. These are memories of comfort, the safety of being near the protective mother, the warmth from the mother’s body, and the feeling of being loved by the mother and the littermates. Just like humans are nostalgic about their childhood, cats can have fond early memories too. And they repeat the motion they associate with love and happiness the way humans hug and smile because we were hugged and smiled at during childhood.

Getting ready for nap time In the wild, cats knead the earth and fallen leaves to create a comfortable spot to sleep on, a makeshift blanket. When cats are calm, they get sleepy. This kind of behavior stems from an evolutionary trait originating from the jungle era. When there are no predators in sight, you relax. It’s safer to sleep when there’s no lurking danger. That’s why cats knead and purr, because they feel calm and soothed, so the cat gets sleepy, and cats love to sleep so much.

Leaving their scent to claim their territory This is MY sofa, MY human. That’s why your cat knead you. Back off, other cats and creatures. He’s mine.

The sensation of soft fabric Cats love velvety or soft material. Just like we love petting Persian cats because of the silky texture of their fur, cats enjoy the feeling, too. That’s why cats knead blankets or pillows.

The rhythmic nature of kneading is soothing The gentle, repeatable motion that doesn’t require too much energy, that a cat can do while staying in the same warm, comfortable place. They don’t have to move their whole body, just the claws. It’s like a feline lullaby.

If you’re worried about your cat being lonely while you’re at work, this silver cat with white mitts can keep your feline company with its ability to purr like a real cat, open its eyes, lift its paw, open its mouth, and move its head. Soft and cuddly. Also good for elder family members who want a cat but can’t care for it. There are other colors such as orange tabby, black and white, and creamy white. To see other colors and read customers’ reviews, click here.