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Beautiful cat house and patio

Cats love hiding and watching the outside scenery. They’re fascinated by grasshoppers and birds. The tiny sounds of insects walking on leaves and flapping of wings and the smells are magnified to their sensitive ears and nostrils. That’s when they’re in their natural habitat. Which is why cat houses and cats patio are the best gift you can give your furry friend.

Many years ago, I had a cat who suffered from depression because I didn’t let him go outside. I was afraid he’d get hit by a car. I wish I could’ve put a cat house or cat patio outside for him, but with my crazy neighbors who hate cats, that wouldn’t work. The cat kept trying desperately to get out, and finally I gave in. He’d been going in and out every day, and nothing happened. But there are dangers out there, and my cat Amiga was hit by a car once, although she’s all right now.

The best thing to do is to build a cat-proof fence around your yard. This way, you cat can roam the yard safely.

However, the fence limits the space your cat has to roam in. If your cat doesn’t have space, it’ll have a small yard, but one that it likes and enjoys. Here’s how to make your cat like its yard.

This cats house will give your cat the right camping experience. Evelated to make your cat feel safe, an escape door at the back in case it has to run from predators, made from 100% fir wood, with a non-leak roof that’ll protect your furry little friend from rain or boiling hot sun, and a little porch so it can enjoy the view. It’ll decorate your yard and give it a feeling of home.

This two floor cats house will fit two cats and will strenghen the bond between them, while giving them privacy. Every cat can hear and smell the cat above or below with the famous feline sharp ears and sensitive sense of smell.

Read excellent customers’ review and watch video clips to see cats’ reactions to this cats house by clicking on the picture below.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful cat house and patio

  1. All our kitties were allowed to go out, so I am too, but since we moved to another part of our Country, I am only allowed in the garden. I can’t climb anymore, because if I could, I sure would take a look at the other side 😉 😸Pawkisses for a Happy Day🐾😽💞

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    1. The garden is good enough. Cats don’t get bored as quickly as us, humans. They don’t feel the need to travel far or tour other countries in far away continents. Cats who are allowed to go outside usually don’t stray very far. I’ve seen that with my cats, always in the yard or the neighbor’s yard, and not much farther away. They feel safe in their territory.


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